Browser, 10/23

I'm a big fan of Todd Field, who directed In the Bedroom and Little Children.And I can't believe what I just read: Paramount Vantage has bought its first project of the Guy Stodel era, signing on for the crime drama "Buried," with Todd Field attached to direct.Brad Ingelsby will write the screenplay, which centers on a couple who, in a bid for cash, bury a wealthy man alive only to be caught and then forced to cope with the fallout on their relationship. Alexandra Milchan is on board to … [Read more...]

Badder Lieutenant

The Hollywood Reporter is trying to ruin my day, claiming that Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant is being re-made by Werner Herzog, with Nicolas Cage stepping into the role already owned by Harvey Keitel.But it couldn't possibly be true. Cage would know better than to ruin (*cough* Wings of Desire *cough*) an already legendary movie (*cough*The Wicker Man*cough) by creating a mediocre imitation... right?And what will Herzog, with his particular worldview, do with that profoundly spiritual … [Read more...]

Specials: Mourning Mr. Miyagi. Raving about Narnia. Killing Alias. Casting "M." Previewing "Mary."

Friday's specials:WAX OFF Farewell, Pat Morita.DAILY MAIL CRITIC GOES BANANAS FOR NARNIA Sheeesh! It is not just a 'must see' but a 'must see again and again'. Where is that sixth star when you need it? Not only does it miraculously do full justice to CS Lewis's classic fantasy, it improves upon it and gives a more sophisticated sense of humour. Above all, there's a spectacular sense of scale that turns the children's sagas into a worthy successor to The Lord Of The Rings as an … [Read more...]