Sorry! (A Temporary Blog Malfunction)

If you've been checking this blog recently, then you may have seen something strange: Old blog entries suddenly reappearing as if they were brand new, with no explanation.I can explain what's happening, but only in part... … [Read more...]

A (Temporary) Farewell to Film Review Work

On this day full of Oscar noise, I'm beginning a sabbatical from film reviewing, except for what I post here.I'm stepping down from my work at Image's Good Letters blog, from my (brand new) job at Reel Spirituality, and from all other review-related assignments outside of my day job at SPU. I do so out of necessity, and feel nothing but gratitude toward those who have encouraged me there.This will be the first time I've lived without film-review deadlines since, well... about 1997. … [Read more...]

This Blog’s New Address

Thousands of dollars, countless hours in committee meetings, and all kinds of consumer testing later... we have a decision. This blog now has a convenient new address.Pay attention. You ready? … [Read more...]

Mystery and Message, or What We Talk About When We Talk About Art

No one has taught me more about considering and making art than "Mr. D." That's Michael Demkowicz, who was my high school English teacher, and who remains a dear friend to this day. Demkowicz is a photographer, and several of his prints hang on the walls of my home. But he has also influenced what I read, how I watch movies, and how I listen to music. I'm making it an annual event to feature my favorite single article on art, an essay called "Mystery and Message" that he contributed to … [Read more...]

Welcome (or Welcome Back) to Looking Closer!

Well, hello to everyone here in the big tent!It's a privilege to be here, and thanks to the Patheos team — especially Timothy Dalrymple and Rebecca Cusey — for inviting me. This blog turned eight years old recently, and to celebrate, I've brought it to a new home. I'm very excited to meet new friends and start up some conversations about film, art, culture, and faith.For those who aren't familiar with Looking Closer, I'd like to say a few words (okay, more than a few) about wh … [Read more...]

What to Expect in This Blog’s Upcoming Days

The new and improved Looking Closer blog is open for business, but there will be a lot of construction over the next several months.It's going to be strange: As I post new things, I'm also going be restoring old posts. So the blog will expand forward and backward.Please email me if you find links that aren't working or other problems. (Please don't report problems here in the Comments, as I hope to correct problems quickly and would rather not have to moderate repair-related comments in … [Read more...]

Number 10,000

Frankly, that number doesn't mean very much when it comes to Twitter.In fact, 10,000 Tweets is probably something to be embarrassed about.But my 10,000th post on Twitter is going to be unusual... … [Read more...]

I’m Back. Watch Out.

It's a new day at … [Read more...]

God Bless Gracious Commenters

Friends and colleagues who leave comments here, consider this a little love note, prompted by things I've seen happening on several other sites today.Conversing on an online discussion board is a tricky art. … [Read more...]

Buckle up: My blog vacation is over.

I'm exhausted, but excited.I am behind schedule on several movie-review assignments, so I'll be catching up as fast as I can. I'll also be filling you in on all of the blog-worthy stories I've failed to report in recent weeks. So buckle up, this place is about to get busy... … [Read more...]