Yikes! Five years, and I Missed the Anniversary!

Last month, I had no idea that I was celebrating the five-year anniversary of this blog.But it's true. The Looking Closer Journal made its debut on May 11, 2004. The first post was a welcome. The second noted that Tilda Swinton just might be cast as the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.We've come a long way, baby.Thanks so much for making the journey with me. We've discussed so many great films, albums, and stories, and I've enjoyed your company as dreams like … [Read more...]


Welcome to the new all-in-one site for Looking Closer.Looking for the blog? It's called "The Journal."Looking for reviews? We're transferring them as fast as we can. Most of the film reviews are up, but the music reviews... well... we've barely scratched the surface there yet. Please be patient.Looking for information on my books? You'll find it, although there's still a lot of organizing to do.Many many more features are in the works.If you need access to a particular review … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Change that I can blog in.

UPDATE: Have a look! Look closer!Looking Closer 2.0 is coming. … [Read more...]

Looking Closer Breaks New Ground in September

In September, I'm rearranging my weekly schedule to find a better balance.Friends have begun to point out that I'm wearing myself out. If I keep up this pace of office work, review writing, and book writing, I'm headed for serious trouble with my health and my spirit. I need more rest, more exercise, more time at home, more time with Anne. And I need some space to breathe, read, and soak up some inspiration.I also want to devote more time and attention to The Auralia Thread, so I have no … [Read more...]

Best Day Ever?

Thanks, everybody, for making today, Tuesday, December 4, the busiest day ever at this blog!My stat counter just updated, and today's visitor total is the highest ever (and still counting!) … [Read more...]

Hiatus!! (or Through a Book Project Darkly)

For the first time in my five-plus years writing the weekly Film Forum for Christianity Today Movies, I'm going on hiatus.The lovely and talented JOSH HURST will be piloting the craft while I'm gone, and I'm sure I'll be humbled by his zeal and competence.I'll return to that "desk" in June.Right now, every spare moment is focused on my book about faith and film: Through a Screen Darkly. … [Read more...]

Today’s Specials: Overstreet on Hiatus! And More…

I've been away for a couple of days, preparing for my presentation at Seattle Pacific University University's UR (University Relations) Staff Retreat.The retreat was yesterday, and I had the incredible privilege of talking to about 75 SPU staff members about my history as a moviegoer, the development of Looking Closer; the changing dialogue within Christian communities on the subject of film, Christian liberty, and conscience; the different ways in which we watch and should watch movies; the … [Read more...]

Many, Many Thanks to Sarah B. and Adam M.!!

Two Looking Closer readers stepped up and showed some especially generous support for the site this month, so I'm sending this little message out to them... … [Read more...]

I’ll be blogging a bit less this week…

A new assignment has suddenly commandeered my calendar for the rest of the week. The demands of the next few days are going to test my limits, but I am excited to try and meet the challenge.Are you curious yet? … [Read more...]

At Laaaaaaaaaaaaast!

lookingcloser.org !(or www.lookingcloser.org, if you prefer...)I've moved to an easier address.You'll see some changes made in the next few months. I'm very very pleased to finally be on my way to Chapter Two of the Looking Closer story.  … [Read more...]