The Interview Party, Round One

So, I've been answering a lot of interview questions lately, as bloggers read and review my new novel Raven's Ladder.I'm honored to have my work be the focus of so much scrutiny. And, as you might expect, a lot of the same questions keep coming up.So, for the sake of variety, I went to my Facebook page and asked folks to come up with some questions I hadn't heard before. In return, I would ask *them* a question.Here is Part One of the conversations that ensued:Adrienne … [Read more...]

Your Favorite Moments of “Silent Acting”

Last week, Elvis Mitchell interviewed Sarah Polley on NPR's "The Treatment." They talked about Polley's new film, Away from Her, which stars Julie Christie.This led them to talking about how Polley was enthralled with Christie's performance in Doctor Zhivago.Mitchell then asked her if David Lean was an influence on her own creative work as a director.Polley's answer made me happy, so I'm sharing it... … [Read more...]

Fifteen performances from 2005 that made a difference.

I'm not ready to deliver a Top Ten Films of 2005 yet. There are several key candidates I'll be seeing for the first time in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. I'll publish the list on December 31st, when 2005 really is ending and the buzzer sounds. Then I'll publish a revised list sometime around the end of January when the last heavy hitters of 2005 have become available in Seattle. (All of these folks publishing their top tens... have they really seen all of the key players already? … [Read more...]

Dennis Quaid: Doing What Harrison Ford Failed to Do

For the last two decades, Harrison Ford has been so narrowly focused on action-hero movies and traditional romantic leading-man roles that he's accepted increasingly embarrassing projects. There have been the occasional experiments--"Presumed Innocent," and that awful romance with Kirsten Scott Thomas, but he's clearly shown that he needs help in selecting decent projects.Dennis Quaid, on the other hand, has continued to improve as an actor, choosing good roles (with the occasional … [Read more...]