Ran, an Akira Kurosawa Masterpiece: On Hulu for Free

Ran was the first Japanese movie I ever saw, and it kindled an appetite not just for more Kurosawa, but films of greater visual splendour than I'd was accustomed to seeing.Wouldn't you know, just when I wanted to pick up the Criterion edition, it went out of print.And then, lo... it shows up on Hulu for free.So... here it is... first time I've ever embedded a whole feature-length film on Looking Closer... … [Read more...]

Opus on “Ikiru”

I was going to just surrender blogging for the rest of the day, due to the loss of Altman, but then I discovered that Opus, one of my daily blog stops, has just published a review of Kurosawa's Ikiru, another one of my favorites, and a film that I've given a lot of attention in Through a Screen Darkly.Check out Opus's insightful overview of this classic. … [Read more...]

"Pride and Prejudice" won me over.

I had almost given up on the big screen this holiday season. Nothing's living up to the hype. Nothing's making me feel nine bucks was well invested.Well, here's one that does.Rosamund Pike, with very few lines, almost steals Pride and Prejudice from Keira Knightley.For one thing, in the role of Jane, the older sister in this family of girls-to-be-married-off, she wasn't overly made up like a supermodel like Knightley was in every scene. She remained a natural beauty, and one with a … [Read more...]