Gravity (2013), or Dr. Stone and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Space Walk

OCTOBER 17 UPDATE: A REVIEW OF THE REVIEWERS WHO REVIEWED MY REVIEW. "Self-indulgent.""Self-important.""Bad... just bad."The reviews are in. No... not the reviews of Gravity. The reviews of my review of Gravity. … [Read more...]

Coming Soon From the Maker of Children of Men

[UPDATE: Apparently the "scoop" that I shared below may not be such a scoop after all. Here's the latest.]Ever since Alfonso Cuarón directed A Little Princess, I've been excited about his work. Since then, he's given us Y Tu Mama Tambien, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (my favorite of the series), and Children of Men... all impressive in certain ways. I can't wait to see what he does next.So today's news at /FILM is intriguing... … [Read more...]

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Thanks to director Alfonso Cuarón and his dream-team of British actors, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban may mark the first time that the third film in a trilogy has been the best. But thanks to storyteller J.K. Rowling, the derivative plot lacks depth and suspense.Cuarón is clearly a great choice for the film, bringing with him the talent that made his 1995 film A Little Princess one of the best fairy tales ever filmed. He's got a knack for fantasy. Contrary to the typical Disney s … [Read more...]

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

Y Tu Mama Tambien is being hyped as a "teen movie" for the arthouse crowd.Having seen it, I can say this without any doubt: while it is about teenagers, it is definitely not for teenagers.This is serious, and dangerous, artmaking — a story of two adolescent boys whose journey of sexual recklessness becomes a metaphor for political corruption in Mexico. The film contains some extremely explicit scenes of their lustful misbehavior. And while I think it goes too far in portraying realistic l … [Read more...]

“Children of Men”: Literary sabotage, or award-winning adaptation?

The debate continues:Did the screenwriters for Children of Men take a novel written by a Christian, which offered a profoundly Christian vision of human depravity and redemption, and turn it into an attack on Christianity?Or were they just interested in taking P.D. James' premise and exploiting it for their own purposes? … [Read more...]

Cuaron on “Children of Men” and Christian Themes

Thanks to Steven Greydanus for catching this revealing admission from Alfonso Cuarón regarding Children of Men: Filmmaker: Was there a script already written when you came on?Cuarón: There was a script and I read the beginning of it and didn’t like it. I wasn’t interested in making a science fiction film and secondly I wasn’t interested in the environment that the book takes place, all this upper class drama. For me it was more important to explore the thematics that are shaping our contemp … [Read more...]

J. Robert Parks Raves About “Children of Men”

I love it when a movie rekindles, and increases, my love and appreciation of what movies can do. Children of Men does that for me. I'm seeing it again tonight, and I'm just giddy with anticipation. … [Read more...]

Alfonso Cuarón: “Narrative is the Poison of Cinema”

Children of Men drops you smack dab in the middle of an apocalypse. You'd better be ready.Alfonso Cuarón isn't interested in explaining everything to the audience. He wants us to struggle to get our bearings. The work of understanding is what makes art an experience rather than just an assault or a "message." … [Read more...]

Questions for Alfonso Cuarón?

I'll be meeting Alfonso Cuarón on Monday, and I've got all kinds of questions for him. … [Read more...]

An Appeal to MGM: Get Alfonzo Cuaron to Direct “The Hobbit”

Since Peter Jackson has just made it offical... he's not going to direct The Hobbit... the biggest guaranteed blockbuster on the "Coming Soon" list is now in need of a director.MGM is probably going to have directors lined up begging for the job.And I know who they should hire.Consider this record:The timeless, beautiful children's film A Little Princess Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, the best of the Potter film franchise so far a standard-setting, earth-shaking … [Read more...]