Hope for Where We’re Going: An Interview with Louis Schwartzberg

Filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg has collected 25 interviews with memorable, remarkable Americans and sewn it together in an array of breathtaking cinematography to inspire us with a vision of dedication, determination, and imagination.Click here for Jeffrey's review of America's Heart and Soul.Jeffrey Overstreet: First of all, thank you for making this film! I'm hoping it inspires other cinematographers to put together reels of their own favorite footage, their own stories. You've given … [Read more...]

CT Interviews the Filmmaker Behind America’s Heart and Soul

You'll get more out of this film than you will out of Fahrenheit 9/11... because, for the most part, it's true. … [Read more...]

America’s Heart and Soul… and Rage: “The Hot Commodity”

David Poland is oh-so-right about America's Heart and Soul: Louis Schwartzberg went out into the world and over the course of years, bit-by-bit, human story by human story, he made a documentary film called America's Heart & Soul.So why is there a controversy? Well, there isn't. The film has no apparent connection to Fahrenheit 9/11 except for its release date, which is July 2, when it will go out into just a handful of theaters (big hands…about 100 screens). Oh yes… and the film is a ve … [Read more...]