“Watchmen”: Five Reviews from Critics that Matter to Me (They Disagree)

Post your review, or a link to your favorite, below.Here are five from voices that matter to me:Robert Davis Steven D. Greydanus Russ Breimeier Andrew O'Hehir Roger Ebert … [Read more...]

Salon: The Ultimate Family DVD List!

A few weeks ago, Andrew O'Hehir asked readers to submit their nominations for Best Family Movies.The result is here, and it's worth the wait. Here is Salon's Ultimate Family DVD List.Seeing the four films that were "THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONS"... I'm already cheering.Move to Trash … [Read more...]

O’Hehir on “Unborn in the U.S.A.”

Here's Andrew O'Hehir on "the abortion movie nobody wants to see (but everyone probably should)." … [Read more...]