Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!


If I want to read about a giant on the musical landscape, a towering presence like Bob Dylan, then I turn to a music enthusiast with the knowledge, the experience, and the eloquence to do the subject justice.Andy Whitman is the kind of writer for whom a Facebook post is often an event worth publishing.So, with his permission, that's what I'm doing today — sharing a Facebook post.Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of Friday's birthday boy, here's Andy Whitman's Facebook post about the man … [Read more...]

When it comes to rock and roll, there are no "good old days."

Today's must-read: Andy Whitman tells us to shut up about how music used to be great. … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman Interviews Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples' You Are Not Alone was far and away the finest gospel album I heard in 2010. Have you heard it yet? It's so full of joy, warmth, encouragement, and soul. … [Read more...]

What Whitman Said

The great Andy Whitman has a few things to say about Calvin College's decision to cancel the New Pornographers concert. … [Read more...]

I’ve Caught Aaron Strumpel Fever

The only 5-star album I've heard thus far this year. If Nine Inch Nails sang the Psalms and invited avant garde jazzbos The Art Ensemble of Chicago to the studio, it might sound like this. - Paste music critic Andy Whitman In the last several years, I've been excited about a few artists and a few albums, and it's been easy to see. I've shouted myself hoarse here on the blog and Facebook, urging people to check them out.The records that have lit me on fire include:Arcade Fire - Funeral … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on “No Line On the Horizon”

Here's Whitman's take on U2's No Line on the Horizon. … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on U2′s “Really Good Non-Reinvention”

Josh Hurst hosts a U2 love-in. Meanwhile, at artsandfaith.com, Andy Whitman of Paste, who is working on his review of the new album, lets this slip: Don't believe the hype. This is not U2's best album, but it is a really good non-reinvention. I think "Magnificent" is the best U2 worship song since "Gloria," and that "Unknown Caller" is in the Top 10 of greatest U2 songs ever.   … [Read more...]

Help Andy Whitman, the world’s best music reviewer/columnist!

If you can find anybody who writes about music with more eloquence, passion, and historical knowledge than Andy Whitman, please let me know. He's my favorite. Nobody can send me running to spend money on music I haven't heard before like Andy can.Alas, Andy had bad news today. Like so many are hearing bad news this month.If you have any encouragement for him, or tips, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Prayers are good too. … [Read more...]

Browser, 10/17

Here's Andy Whitman on my favorite album of 2008 so far.Also... … [Read more...]

David Foster Wallace, author of “Infinite Jest,” dead at 46.

My thanks to Alissa Wilkinson for passing along the news...The L.A. Times has the story here. David Foster Wallace, the novelist, essayist and humorist best known for his 1996 novel "Infinite Jest," was found dead Friday night at his home in Claremont, according to the Claremont Police Department. He was 46.Jackie Morales, a records clerk at the department, said Wallace's wife called police at 9:30 p.m. Friday saying she had returned home to find that her husband had hanged … [Read more...]