Revealing The Secret of Kells, Part Two – and what are your favorite works of non-digitial animation?

"Revealing The Secret of Kells - Part Two": My conversation with Steven Greydanus continues at Image journal's blog.Have you seen The Secret of Kells? What did you think? … [Read more...]

Revealing The Secret of Kells

My conversation with Steven Greydanus about a great animated film begins at Image here. … [Read more...]

The Browser, 6/5: Tolkien tidbits; Ray LaMontagne; U2 anniversary; best animated films; Farina in trouble

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow.-Christopher Tolkien wants to "terminate" Hobbit movieIt's not surprising that Christopher Tolkien isn't happy about New Line's plans for a movie of The Hobbit. He wasn't happy about Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy either. It will be interesting to see the judgment in his lawsuit against New Line; he claims that the master of Middle-earth's family is owed ¬£80m under a deal for a 7.5% share of p … [Read more...]

Disney back to drawing!

"TRADITION, TRADITION, DA-DA-DA-DA.... TRADITION!"Disney returns to hand-drawn animation! Thank goodness.There's a beauty and a personality to hand-drawn cartoons that CGI just can't replace. Don't get me wrong, I love what can be done with digital animation. But to let it completely replace other styles of animation that have their own strengths? A waste. Since Disney started incorporating CGI into their animation, I can't say their films have improved much. I still prefer classics like … [Read more...]

Which animated films are competing for Oscar?

Movie City News lists the competitors.Which film do you think deserves the Oscar? I think I'm leaning toward Wallace and Gromit, even though I prefer the story of Corpse Bride. And Howl's Moving Castle really is extraordinary to look at, even if it's not one of Miyazake's true masterpieces."Chicken Little" "Gulliver's Travel" "Hoodwinked" "Howl's Moving Castle" "Madagascar" "Robots" "Steamboy" "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" "Valiant" "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the … [Read more...]