The Browser 2/19: Engagement Sandra Bullock-style. Anne Lamott. Kindlings Muse.

Best Engagement Story Ever?My friend Tara Mansbridge and I had an extensive IM chat this weekend. She sent Anne and me an exciting announcement -- she's engaged to a fantastic guy named Bryan. This was no surprise. Tara recently relocated from Toronto to Colorado Springs due to Bryan's influence. But we're delighted that it's official now.Why am I blogging about this? Because it's the best movie-related engagement story I've ever heard. In fact... I think it's the best engagement story … [Read more...]

"Gilead" wins the National Book Award!

I mentioned the new book by Marilynne Robinson a while back, and now it's made even bigger headlines. … [Read more...]

Listen to Anne Lamott… she talks with Dick Staub. … [Read more...]