The Curator’s Annie Frisbie on “Cyndere’s Midnight”

It's been a bumpy day.I just sat down at my computer with very little enthusiasm at all about writing.And then, I discovered someone had sent me a link to the newest batch of articles at The Curator.And the new articles... one in particular... cheered me up immensely.Thanks to Alissa Wilkinson for continuing to develop a magnificent periodical on art and culture.And thanks to Annie Frisbie for... well, golly sakes... making me feel like a million bucks. … [Read more...]

A Colorful Review for “Auralia’s Colors”

What's better than a double Americano with your breakfast?A review like this, from the voracious book lover "SuperFastReader": Auralia's Colors is the first in a proposed series of four, to which I say, "Bring it."It's an astonishingly accomplished debut, and falls prey to none of the lazy traps to which fantasy writers are prone. The characters are strong, the concept and plot inventive and original, and the prose is lyrical....Auralia is a fresh creation, a character that I … [Read more...]

Superfast Reader Reads “Darkly”

Reading is Annie's superpower, and she's focused those powers on Through a Screen Darkly. … [Read more...]