Take Shelter (2011) and Movies About the End of the World

In "At World's End: The Age of the Apocalypse Movie," an article published at Seattle Pacific University's Response magazine, I consider Take Shelter and other films that show an increasing obsession with the end of the world. … [Read more...]

The End is (in a Theater) Near (You)

Steven D. Greydanus is quoted in a new Wall Street Journal article on the current surge of apocalyptic movies.The article begins like this:On a recent Saturday night, I went to the movies. Walking past the theater showing "I Am Legend" (plague kills most of humanity), I opted to watch "Cloverfield" (inexplicably angry alien destroys Manhattan) instead. After sitting through back-to-back previews for "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" (ancient truce between Hell and Earth is revoked, resulting … [Read more...]

Theme of the year? “The End is Near”

It seems that almost every year, there are one or two themes that emerge on the big screen... themes so persistent and vigorously investigated that you wonder if somebody somewhere called a meeting and planned for the films to correspond.Last week, I realized what I would argue to be this year's most prominent theme: The elusive nature of evil. No matter what folks try to accomplish, the dark side is getting the better of things, and escaping every strategy we devise... if we even get around … [Read more...]