Church Play Auditions: The Heartbreaking Saga of Sean Gaffney Continues

Did you miss Parts One and Two¬†of Sean Gaffney's series about art, excellence, and Christians who throw tantrums when someone tells them they're not good enough for the church play?When you've read those... … [Read more...]

The Passion of Sean Gaffney

God bless Sean Gaffney.He's been hosting auditions for his church drama group.Seems like a simple enough job, doesn't it?Oh, no, no, no.Judging auditions is a very complicated job. And judging them for a church drama group can be hell on earth.Sean's story will be familiar to many of you who have struggled with being an artist in the church.Here's the riveting Part One...... and he's just posted Part Two, in which he dares to consider what the Bible has to say about … [Read more...]