“Best Sense of Wonder”

Thanks to Fantasy Debut for the mention of Auralia's Colors here!It's such a relief to read something like this after all of that hard work.Thanks, Tia! … [Read more...]

Best Fantasy of 2007

Some of most prolific bloggers on the subject of Fantasy Literature have published their annual favorites lists.Check these out!Graeme's Fantasy Book Review OF Blog of the Fallen Fantasy Book Critic … [Read more...]

Best Day Ever?

Thanks, everybody, for making today, Tuesday, December 4, the busiest day ever at this blog!My stat counter just updated, and today's visitor total is the highest ever (and still counting!) … [Read more...]

Front Street Reviews on "Auralia’s Colors"

Now... this (from TitleTrakk.com).¬†And this from Truer than Truth.The review of Auralia's Colors at Front Street Reviews says a little more about the conclusion of the story than other reviews. But I'm grateful that Susan Helene Gottfried is so pleased... … [Read more...]

I’m Off for Bellingham

If you have friends or family in the neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington, let them know that I'll be reading from Auralia's Colors tonight at 7 p.m. at Village Books. And I'll be signing copies which will might make good Christmas gifts. … [Read more...]

"Auralia’s Colors" at SciFi.com!

If you check fast, Auralia's Colors is a news item on the front page of SciFi.com! … [Read more...]

Faithful Reader reviews "Auralia’s Colors"

What a happy way to wrap up a Friday at work. … [Read more...]

And Sometimes My Email Cheers Me Up

And sometimes, I get email that makes my day. And from total strangers! Hello, my name is Michael Kane.I just finished reading Auralia's Colors and I must say I'm impressed.For the last year I've worked at a christian bookstore, and must admit I get tired of the mediocre stories and writing that so proliferates the market today.As someone who whet my teeth on Lewis, Tolkien, and MacDonald, it can be hard to swallow a lot of what is publishers claim is fiction.I saw one brief ad … [Read more...]

My Thoughts on “The Golden Compass”

I've been doing a lot of radio interviews about Auralia's Colors, and questions about Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass keep coming up.I've been planning a sort of once-and-for-all blog post about the controversy, but for now you'll find a few of my responses to these questions posted here. (The transcript has several errors in it, but I can't do anything about that. Still, you'll get the basic idea of my response. And where it seems I've "quoted" the book, that's only a spur-of-the-moment … [Read more...]

Questions on a Novel Journey

Novel Journey's Ane Mulligan¬†just posted her conversation with me about Auralia's Colors. These are the questions she asked:Time to crow: What new book or project do you have coming out? How did you come up with this story? Was there a specific 'what if' moment? You write movie reviews for Christianity Today. How did you get into that? Every novelist has a journey. You say on your blog you dreamed about your first novel since you were five. That's a long road to publication. Tell us … [Read more...]