Auralia’s Cover!

 Cover design by Kristopher Orr. … [Read more...]

A Piece of the Front Cover

This is the work of an artist named Kristopher Orr. Wait until you see the illustration he's crafted that goes with it... … [Read more...]

What? You Can Pre-Order “Auralia’s Colors”?

I'm rather startled to discover that, although the book won't be available until September, you can already pre-order Auralia's Colors!! … [Read more...]

"Auralia’s Colors" … pre-order!

Imagine my surprise when someone alerted me to the fact that you can pre-order my novel, Auralia's Colors, at this Random House website!What a week. The first box of copies of Through a Screen Darkly will arrive mid-week on my doorstep, and in bookstores on February 5th. I've just seen a draft of the cover art for Auralia's Colors. And now, we have a definite release date and a pre-order page for that book as well. My head is spinning. … [Read more...]

Nightmares Abolished! The Cover Art Will Rule.

For years, I have browsed the fantasy literature section of bookstores, and cringed at how many book covers display appallingly bad art.So much fantasy art is cheesy, ridiculously lurid, painfully derivative, and preoccupied with violent spectacles.All along the way, I've prayed: "Lord, if you ever bless me with the publication of a store, please, please, please... save me from a bad book cover." And I've had nightmares about what I would do if the book had a cover that misrepresented … [Read more...]

Headed Back to Auralia’s Colors for One Last Investigation

I have received the text of Auralia's Colors back from the publisher, and my editor has come up with a tantalyzing list of questions, encouraging me to give some of the supporting characters more time to play a part in the story. … [Read more...]

The Seed of an Idea

Auralia, still as death, like a discarded doll, lay in a burgundy tangle of rushes and spineweed on the bank of a bend in the River Throanscall, where she was discovered by a hapless old thief ...-One day in 1996, before Anne and I were married, we went hiking with our friends Jon and Anna in a vivid territory of woods, waterfalls, and boulders near Flathead Lake, Montana.Somehow, our conversation meandered from thoughts on the scenery, wildlife, bears, and blackberries, to explore … [Read more...]


At midnight on February 1, 2006, I submitted Auralia's Colors to the publisher. … [Read more...]

Specials: Auralia. Superman and Che pics. Whit Stillman. A follow-up to "Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner." Michel Gondry + Dave Chappelle.

Thursday specials:PRAY FOR AURALIA AND ME I'd appreciate your prayers. It's not a crisis, but in the story of my life, it's a big deal. For the next four days, I will be putting the finishing touches on my novel Auralia's Colors and sending it in to the publisher. By "finishing touches," I mean I'll be making the last changes before the editors mark it up and send me things that they think need changing. So there's still a long way to go. But this is quite a landmark for me, and suddenly I … [Read more...]

Tonight, We Signed the Contracts.

Tonight, at Spiro's Pizza in Shoreline, Anne and I were joined by our dear friends Sarah and Nathan Partain, and I put pen to paper, signing the contracts for my first two novels.WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House, is publishing the books. I must again thank WaterBrook's Shannon Hill and Alive Communications' Don Pape (my agent) for all of their support in making this dream come true. In the picture, we're raising our glasses to them.And long live Auralia!! … [Read more...]