Focus on the Family says “Christianity Today Relishes Sexual Perversion.” Call That What It Is: A Lie.

Once a month, I talk with Kim Ketola about movies, faith, and culture on her "Along the Way" radio program. She runs a great show, and isn't afraid to ask tough questions.This week, Kim and I talked about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Bella. Then she asked me for my thoughts on the film Sex and the City. (Listen to the podcast here.) [2013 UPDATE: That podcast is currently offline. Well, it has been five years now.]Since I haven't seen it, I didn't give Kim a revi … [Read more...]

The Browser, 6/9: Nicolosi likes "Sex and the City"; Neil Jordan’s "Ondine"; Brooks on leadership

The Browser:News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow.-"Sexcess"Let's give her credit... it's a clever post title.(I was rather proud of mine too: "Sex and the CT.")Moviegoing superdelegate Barbara Nicolosi casts her vote in favor of Sex and the City: I saw this film on its opening Friday a couple weeks ago, and have been wanting to blog about it ever since. I was going to post a mostly positive blog, but then I started reading a lot of what other … [Read more...]

Is “There Will Be Blood” Anti-Christian?

I've been trying to ignore this, but Movieguide's Ted Baehr just keeps bashing away at Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood for being "anti-Christian," and for including "one of the worst, most superficial stereotype of Christian preachers ever put on film."(Similarly, Barbara Nicolosi slammed the movie in a post called "There Will Be Bigotry", which you can find in her archive here... but you have to scroll down a bit. The 105-comment discussion connected to it became rather lively … [Read more...]

Nicolosi Slays “Giants”

Buckle up.Barbara Nicolosi is a little late to the game with her views on Facing the Giants, but her new blog entry was worth the wait. … [Read more...]

Should Christian Critics Be Applauding Certain Oscar Contenders?

UPDATE: Okay, I admit, I posted a somewhat reactionary entry earlier after reading Barbara Nicolosi's post about the Oscars today at Church of the Masses. I'm a big Barbara Nicolosi fan, even though I don't always agree with her, and today's post just rubbed me the wrong way. So, to make up for my disrespect to Barbara, I'm going to re-word this post, since Barbara's been gracious enough to clarify...-Act One screenwriting guru and blogger Barbara Nicolosi is on the attack today, … [Read more...]

Barbara Nicolosi on Civility, Despite Our Differences

But she does say this... … [Read more...]

Updated again: Superman/Caviezel madness!

LATEST UPDATE: 4:02 p.m.If you haven't heard about this, see my earlier blog.Things are getting crazy. Here's my paraphrase of the craziness so far. … [Read more...]

Movies That Buck the Trend

Here's a new interview with Barbara Nicolosi, head of Act One: Writing for Hollywood.Get a load of this quote: … [Read more...]