To Watch or Not To Watch – A Cultural Conflict Among Christians in the Netherlands: Part 1

In the territory of art and culture, there is a lot of turmoil among Christians and conservatives in the Netherlands. … [Read more...]

Running at windmills

Got any advice for first-time visitors to the Netherlands? With joy and gratitude, Anne and I will be traveling to the Netherlands next week by the invitation of generous friends who have given us tremendous encouragement. Peter van Dijk and Bart Cusveller, both editors of, have had a hand in bringing Through a Screen Darkly into a new Dutch translation. I first encountered Peter when he wrote to me about my review of There Will Be Blood just over a year ago, and then we … [Read more...]

Auralia’s Adventure in The Netherlands?

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I am thunderstruck to discover that the sequel to Auralia's Colors has made it so far already. Thanks to Bart Cusveller, who tells me, "I liked Cyndere's Midnight a great deal, I suppose even better than Auralia's Colors." … [Read more...]