Argo (2012)

The best thing about Argo is that director Ben Affleck and writer Chris Terrio deliver a true story so outrageous that it seems like something that could only happen in a movie.The worst thing about Argo is that is takes that already too-amazing-to-be-true story and adds a bunch of unremarkable, even familiar action-movie contrivances, which makes something we've never seen before feel increasingly familiar in spite of itself.Okay, Argo fans — I know you're enthusiastic, and prone to p … [Read more...]

The Affleck Affect: Actors Who are Better at Directing

Sure, Ben Affleck starred in a couple of disposable films. I still like the guy.Maybe if I'd had to suffer through Gigli, I'd feel differently. But I loved his turn in Good Will Hunting, thought he did his best as Jack Ryan, and I even enjoyed him in the not-so-memorable films Bounce and Jersey Girl. I just think he needs the right roles, the right scripts. … [Read more...]

IMAGE: “The Secret” is screwy, and other recent observations.

I continue to find frequent, thought-provoking, inspiring thoughts at the new Image blog. … [Read more...]