After condemning Christianity Today in public, what’s Mr. Ted Baehr’s next amazing statement?

Here is Ted Baehr, still thinking he is the voice of Christian film criticism ... and frighteningly enough, many of them would say that he is... as he sums up the Oscars.Here are a few choice statements: Of course, by shutting out the best family movies with godly, Christian messages – like "The Chronicles Of Narnia," "Dreamer," "Madagascar" and "Chicken Little" – the Oscar ceremony ensured that it would get the lowest ratings ever from the TV audience, the vast majority of whom are fam … [Read more...]

New NBC Show Stars a Buddy Christ, Written by "Recovering Catholic."

If a show about Muslims were written by sarcastic evangelicals who liked to poke fun at Islam, can you imagine the cultural outcry across America? That show would be shot down so fast, you wouldn't have time to say "politically incorrect!"Now, imagine a show in which Jesus himself is a regular character who pals around with a priest. Imagine it's written by "a recovering Catholic" who is apparently very interested in the idea of reincarnation, and who thinks a lot of the "myth" surrounding … [Read more...]

Brokeback Mountain – Reviewed by Christianity Today

Christianity Today Movies has just published a review of Brokeback Mountain.And that's just what it is... A REVIEW.It's not a protest.It's not someone spewing bile about Hollywood's "homosexual agenda."It doesn't include any slurs like "Sodomites in the Saddle."It's a review of a work of art. Written by Lisa Ann Cockrel, this piece is going to do readers a whole lot more good than a rant about "Hollywood's gay cowboy movie." Christianity Today Movies' editors should be … [Read more...]

Flush the Koran, and That’s Bigotry. Flush a Christian Sacrament, It’s Comedy.

Here's an interesting editorial by Brent Bozell: The riots caused by Newsweek's story claiming American interrogators were flushing the Koran caused many Americans to be amazed by the extreme reaction in the Islamic world. Ken Woodward, the long-time religion writer of Newsweek, tried to explain to Christians just how offensive Koran-flushing is to Muslims: "Recitation of the Koran is for Muslims much like what receiving the Eucharist is for Catholics -- a very intimate ingestion of the divine … [Read more...]

When “Reality” TV Tries to Alter the Reality of You

Here's a sad story about a family participating in an segment of ABC's PrimeTime Live . The segment was supposedly about different family dynamics, comparing and contrasting them. But it seems ABC's "journalist" (I refuse to use this term without the quotation marks, considering their tactics) had already made up her mind about these families, and tried to make them play into the ugly caricatures she had in her own head.A "typical Roman Catholic family," the Farinholts, was deceived into … [Read more...]

"Constantine" Director Francis Lawrence should pay closer attention.

Listen to Constantine director Francis Lawrence. Mixing religious themes with a comic book sensibility, were you worried about how it might be received by the hardcore Christian audience in America? I wasn't worried. I thought it was going to be more offensive than it has been. What's been really weird is that once the movie was finished we were showing it to religious press and they've actually kind of embraced it, because they see a guy struggling with his faith and the battle between good … [Read more...]

A few words from G.K. Chesterton…

And now three words of wisdom from our mentor... … [Read more...]

Loving to Hate the Hateful

When people ask me to "define Christian criticism," I find it much easier to say what it isn't than what it is.Here is an example of what it isn't. … [Read more...]