Today’s specials: Bono corrects Chicago reporter. Summertime fiction. And the man playing Orbison.

Today's specials:Greg Kot gets a memorable interview with Bono. Jonathan Rice gets cast as Roy Orbison in I Walk the Line.On my radar for summertime fiction:Freddy and Fredericka, a new novel by Mark Helprin described as a satire about a future king and queen of England slumming in the States. Od Magic, the latest from Patricia McKillip, my favorite living fantasy writer. And she's got another one coming too--Harrowing the Dragon. A Feast for Crows, by George R. R. Martin, … [Read more...]

Bono’s Book Creates a Convert

I can't wait to read this book. For all of the flak that Bono gets for being a rock star with a conscience, he still manages to surprise those who can restrain their cynicism long enough to listen to him. … [Read more...]

U2 Fan of the Week

Let's hear it for Coma Guy!! … [Read more...]

How to Dismantle a U2 Fan’s Enthusiasm

Yes, I got U2 tickets.And yes, I'm going to whine like a kid whose told that the cookies are off limits. … [Read more...]

Bowman’s blessed by Bawdy Bono

U2 tickets go on sale tomorrow.And to celebrate, let me direct you to Kate Bowman's article about the way that Bono continues to bewilder his evangelical fans just as U2 continues to bewilder the music world.Good luck getting tickets! … [Read more...]

U2’s fan site welcomes special guest: Philip Yancey!

Bono's got good taste in books.First he becomes a big fan of Eugene Peterson's The Message ... a translation of the Bible that I'm very fond of. … [Read more...]

The Legend of Bono’s Lost Suitcase

Bono of the rock band U2 had a briefcase of new songs stolen from him while he was in Portland, Oregon. That was back in the early '80s.The crime is famous among fans of the band.And three years ago, when I was at the front of the Portland audience that caught U2’s first show there since the scandal, Bono addressed the crowd by saying he was in a “forgiving mood.” He got a good laugh, and then put on the greatest show I've ever seen.Guess what. … [Read more...]

Transcript: Bono talks to Bill O’Reilly

Bono didn't waste words during his talk with Bill O'Reilly, making another impressive appeal for the U.S. to lead the way in addressing Africa's emergency. … [Read more...]

Bono Asks, “Why Isn’t Africa on the Convention agendas?”

Bono's back, ready to attend both the Democratic and the Republican conventions, asking why in the world the Africa crisis is not listed as a subject for discussion at either one. … [Read more...]