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“Through a Screen Darkly” is One Year Old

It's been an interesting week.On Tuesday, I submitted Cyndere's Midnight, the sequel to Auralia's Colors, to the editors at WaterBrook Press. There's still some "trimming" and editing to do, but it's almost ready to go.Time flies when you're working a full-time desk job, writing movie reviews, and then spending six-to-seven hours in the evening (and all weekend) hunched over a hot laptop writing fiction.The difference between Auralia's Colors and Cyndere's Midnight will probably … [Read more...]

From Christianity Today‘s Review of "Through a Screen Darkly"

So... tonight I learned that Christianity Today reviewed Through a Screen Darkly three weeks ago, and I didn't know about it until today! How did I miss that? Kind of strange, considering I write for them. But, well... wow! Cool!Many thanks to Eric Miller for this generous, surprising review. Here are a couple of excerpts... … [Read more...]

Blog Sightings!

Mentions of Through a Screen Darkly are popping up online.I'm going to keep track of this, partly because I'm curious to see where the book lands, and what happens when it does. And, partly because... well... I wrote the book in hopes that it would inspire further conversation about the power of movies, the rewards of movies, and the dangers of movies. If that conversation's gonna happen, I want to be there. … [Read more...]

Musing About the Joy of Books

I'm hearing from folks all over the country that their copies of Through a Screen Darkly are arriving in the mail.Isn't it strange? You can write about anything on the Internet, and it can be read all over the world instantly. But if you put it on paper, and it takes days for it to arrive somewhere in the mail, suddenly everybody agrees that it's a reason to celebrate!The Internet is great, but as far as I'm concerned... books are still the best mode of reading. When you hold the book, … [Read more...]

Here they come! Copies of Through a Screen Darkly are On Their Way!

I'm told that the box full of books should arrive on my doorstep this week.Some copies have already been delivered to book reviewers.Almost as long as I've been able to write my name on paper, I've wondered what this moment would be like... to hold my first copy of my own published book. I'm so weary from all of the writing and editing I've done recently, I hope I can stand up straight and appreciate it. It's been a long strange trip. … [Read more...]

"Auralia’s Colors" … pre-order!

Imagine my surprise when someone alerted me to the fact that you can pre-order my novel, Auralia's Colors, at this Random House website!What a week. The first box of copies of Through a Screen Darkly will arrive mid-week on my doorstep, and in bookstores on February 5th. I've just seen a draft of the cover art for Auralia's Colors. And now, we have a definite release date and a pre-order page for that book as well. My head is spinning. … [Read more...]