Eno déjà vu.

As I discovered the cover art for Brian Eno's exciting new instrumental work Small Craft on a Milk Sea - which happens to sound like a sequel to his Passengers collaboration with U2 - I thought, Wow. That looks really familiar.Then I remembered this... … [Read more...]

U2’s New Album Arrives Early

I'm listening to U2's new album right now!It's called Viva La Vida. You can stream it for free right here. U2's collaborations with Brian Eno have always been fruitful, and I'll be enjoying this for the rest of the summer. Too bad they had to call in Coldplay to substitute for them at the last minute, but still.... Just listen to track 5 -- it's like a sequel to "City of Blinding Lights."So when will the new U2 album performed by U2 arrive? Their manager says it might happen as soon as … [Read more...]