Bruce Cockburn Plays Psalm-Influenced Favorites in Seattle

I wish you could have been at the Fremont Abbey last Thursday night with me for an event that lived up to all my hopes and expectations... … [Read more...]

Joe Henry Presents a Christmas Playlist

I've wanted to do this for a long time now. Oh, how I love it when a plan comes together.As I was growing up, my family watched holiday television specials that featured a variety of beloved artists performing favorite Christmas songs. I may not have the stuff to host a TV show, but I have website, and I've been blessed by some generous musicians who have agreed to participate in a Playlist party.So grab your headphones.This post is the first of several playlists I've requested from … [Read more...]

Songwriter in a Dangerous Time

Bruce Cockburn, one of my favorite songwriters and guitarists, is writing his memoir! … [Read more...]

Browser: Zbignew Priesner. Jeff Buckley. Bruce Cockburn’s “Slice O Life.” Bob Dylan. U2. Tauntaun. Tom Hanks.

1. Start your day with a quick dose of Zbignew Priesner, my favorite film music composer. Here's a track from A Short Film About Killing, from Kieslowski's Decalogue.2. Another random musical surprise: M. Ward links to a recorded telephone conversation with Jeff Buckley, who sings Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" over the phone at about the 4-minute mark.3. The Matthews House Project has a long, in-depth look at the amazing Bruce Cockburn and his new double-live solo CD Slice O … [Read more...]

Friday specials: Frederick Buechner, Bruce Cockburn, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, "The Prestige"

My friend Julie Mullins has written a substantial article about Frederick Buechner's lastest collection, Secrets in the Dark, in the new issue of Image. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of both the book and the journal.Secrets begins with a meditation on the story of Jacob wrestling the angel titled "The Magnificent Defeat." I read it aloud last night to Anne, and we were both deeply moved by it. Having grown up in the church, I've heard so many sermons that I find it difficult to pay … [Read more...]

Coming Thursday: My review of "The Squid and the Whale" and a Bruce Cockburn concert review

Last night I saw one of the year's best films--The Squid and the Whale--which is a deeply saddening film about the consequences of divorce and joint custody on children.Noah Baumbach first got my attention in 1995 with a delightfully rowdy comedy about college and dating called Kicking and Screaming. He also co-wrote The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou for Wes Anderson. The guy has a thing for telling honest and poignant stories about love, ego, and broken families.Here, has brought to … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Bruce Cockburn!

Here's a recommendation for your home stereo, your iPod, or your car stereo today: Bruce Cockburn.Looking Closer salutes one of the most prolific, influential songwriters alive today... on this, today, his 60th birthday . … [Read more...]