Superman Returns (2006) – guest reviewer Greg Wright

This is a guest review by Greg Wright•Has anyone but me noticed that only one letter prevents Superman Returns from being an anagram for Superman Reruns? Dan Brown is to blame for doing this to my mind.Before you think I’ve gone entirely off the deep end, though, consider this: The Da Vinci Code postulated that Jesus Christ was not the chaste, virginal young man we read about in The Children’s Bible. Yes, and Ron Howard’s film ratcheted up this daring expose, delivering hard, documen … [Read more...]

Superman Returns (2006)

No multi-bazillion-dollar Hollywood budget can match the power of a small dog on the big screen. A studio can spend a fortune on spectacular special effects, and yet a little four-legged co-star can steal the show by walking across the stage and yipping adorably. In the year’s most anticipated movie — the hugely expensive Superman Returns, the first Man of Steel movie since 1978 — the most memorable, delightful, and unexpected moment in the movie belongs to…… a Pomeranian.Something is te … [Read more...]

Opus on "Superman Returns"

And another of my favorite critics comes away from Superman Returns disappointed. … [Read more...]

Peter T. Chattaway on the Not-So-Christ-Like avior.

Chattaway: So much has been made of Kal-El as a Christ figure that little attention is ever paid to the kind of Christ figure that he is. You often hear people argue that Superman raises Lois Lane from the dead in the first movie (though one could also argue that he merely goes back in time to a point before her death and does not actually raise her from the dead, per se).But what people often don't point out is that Superman brings Lois back to life as a very specific act of disobedience … [Read more...]

Top 10 Things to Do If You Get Bored During "Superman Returns"

Superman Returns is a summer blockbuster. Chances are, you won't be bored.But if... if you find your mind wandering during the film, here are ten things you can do to pass the time: … [Read more...]

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Okay, I've just seen a promising 90-minute highlight reel for an X-Men movie. It was wild! A beautiful lake exploded, and Jean Grey came back from the dead! Magneto declared war on humanity! And the heroes were joined by a big, blue, furry fellow who sounds like TV's Frasier!Wait... that wasn't a long preview? That was the movie? … [Read more...]

X2: X-Men United (2003)

A Sequel that Celebrates the Best Sequels EverYou’ll think you’re watching a Star Trek film when X2:X-Men United opens. First, there are stars… and then the voice of a former Enterprise captain expounding upon mysteries and the future.I doubt the resemblance is accidental. Echoes of Trek resound throughout Bryan Singer’s exhilarating, exhausting X-Men sequel — specifically, references to Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.And that’s not all. Singer has clearly devoted his attentions to th … [Read more...]