Focus on the Family’s Ted Slater Tells Christianity Today to “Repent.” Peter Chattaway Responds.

Same song, second verse. … [Read more...]

Focus on the Family says “Christianity Today Relishes Sexual Perversion.” Call That What It Is: A Lie.

Once a month, I talk with Kim Ketola about movies, faith, and culture on her "Along the Way" radio program. She runs a great show, and isn't afraid to ask tough questions.This week, Kim and I talked about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Bella. Then she asked me for my thoughts on the film Sex and the City. (Listen to the podcast here.) [2013 UPDATE: That podcast is currently offline. Well, it has been five years now.]Since I haven't seen it, I didn't give Kim a revi … [Read more...]

Sex and the CT

Camerin Courtney, a film reviewer for Christianity Today, gave Sex and the City 3 stars (out of four).And instantly, the CT Movies mailbox exploded. Here's a keeper: This movie is nothing more than pornography for women. Women used to be the moral compass of humanity. Forty years ago that began to change and has accelerated with the success of the feminist movement. The depth of that success can be gauged by the reviewer's remarks that SATC is "a phenomenon even for many Christians. For … [Read more...]