Twilight redux

Good grief.Looks like Catherine Hardwicke isn't coping well with having the Twilight franchise taken away from her. She's gone out and made a copy. Check it out... … [Read more...]

Catherine Hardwicke Won’t Direct the “Twilight” Sequel. Thank Goodness.

I can't help but feel sad at the news that Catherine Hardwicke's been fired from directing the next installment of the Twilight franchise. … [Read more...]

A Few Predictions About “The Nativity Story”

I haven't seen anything but the trailer for Catherine Hardwicke's The Nativity Story yet. And I really don't have any particular expectations about the film itself.When I saw Hardwicke's Thirteen, which starred Holly Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood, I was quite impressed with the performances of her cast. Whether that was just the cast being brilliant, or whether it had something to do with Hardwicke's direction, well, that will probably become more clear as we see more of Hardwicke's … [Read more...]