Coming Soon From the Maker of Children of Men

[UPDATE: Apparently the "scoop" that I shared below may not be such a scoop after all. Here's the latest.]Ever since Alfonso Cuarón directed A Little Princess, I've been excited about his work. Since then, he's given us Y Tu Mama Tambien, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (my favorite of the series), and Children of Men... all impressive in certain ways. I can't wait to see what he does next.So today's news at /FILM is intriguing... … [Read more...]

Peter Suderman on “Children of Men”… Again

I have occasionally revised, or completely rewritten, my review of a film simply because it took more than one viewing before I could see it clearly enough, and understand it deeply enough, to make a fair assessment.If I could take back the way I rated Spider-man 3 and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at, believe me, I would. (Instead of 3.5/4 stars, they'd each get 2.5-star ratings.)Peter Suderman wrote passionately about his … [Read more...]

Were the Voters Blindfolded?

Somebody explain to me how you can watch Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men and think that Pan's Labyrinth is the better work of cinematography? … [Read more...]

“A Christian Voice” in “Children of Men”?

From a comment posted in a previous post, by Mike Harris Stone: Well I saw Children of Men last night. A fantastic piece of cinema which does, IMHO, go beyond even the filmmaker's intentions in what it says, much as Wings of Desire did. Interestingly, the original music in the film is by British Composer John Taverner, an Orthodox Christian, so in that one aspect there is a Christian voice in the movie. I agree with your critique of it, Jeffrey. And by the way, the backlash against the CT … [Read more...]

Are Christianity Today’s Movie Reviews Written With an "Anti-Evangelical Agenda"?

As you may already know, this week a radio talk-show host accused Christianity Today Movies' film reviewers of misrepresenting the magazine's foundation of evangelical conviction.And a Christian filmmaker responded to one of those reviews by declaring that one of CT's most prolific and respected reviewers clearly needed to sit down with real Christians and learn what they are like.Well, it should be clear that these are serious claims, with serious implications. I'm not naming them here, … [Read more...]

Conversations with Critics About Favorite Films of 2006

It was the year of the endangered baby. Tsotsi, L'Enfant, The Nativity Story, Pan's Labyrinth,Children of Men... all of these films were focused on either infants or unborn children who are carried through terrible danger. But that was a subset of films characterized by a larger similarity.... It was the year of the nightmare. … [Read more...]

“Children of Men”: Literary sabotage, or award-winning adaptation?

The debate continues:Did the screenwriters for Children of Men take a novel written by a Christian, which offered a profoundly Christian vision of human depravity and redemption, and turn it into an attack on Christianity?Or were they just interested in taking P.D. James' premise and exploiting it for their own purposes? … [Read more...]

Cuaron on “Children of Men” and Christian Themes

Thanks to Steven Greydanus for catching this revealing admission from Alfonso Cuarón regarding Children of Men: Filmmaker: Was there a script already written when you came on?Cuarón: There was a script and I read the beginning of it and didn’t like it. I wasn’t interested in making a science fiction film and secondly I wasn’t interested in the environment that the book takes place, all this upper class drama. For me it was more important to explore the thematics that are shaping our contemp … [Read more...]

“Children of Men”: A Mother’s Perspective

Here's an intriguing response to Children of Men that was posted by Jen Zug (who blogs here) over at … [Read more...]

J. Hoberman on “Children of Men”

The raves are pouring in. Children of Men is the movie that you'll be sorry you missed. Unless, of course, you go see it. … [Read more...]