Washington Times on “Christian movies”

Reporter Bekah Grim of The Washington Times wanted to know why I don't get excited about "Christian movies."So I took a long, deep breath, tried to remain calm, tried to avoid R-rated language, and I told her. … [Read more...]

Pixar’s “Up” at Cannes; Pete Docter Talks Faith and Filmmaking

I'm happy to see Pixar's new film opening on the kind of platform that the studio deserves. Up is opening the Cannes Film Festival with a presentation in Disney Digital 3-D on Wednesday May 13th, 2009.┬áThat marks the first time an animated film has opened the festival. Wish I could be there.Writer/director Pete Docter was interviewed in Radix (thanks to the CT blog for the link) back when Monsters Inc. was released. Here's an interesting excerpt: Radix: How would you say that being a … [Read more...]

NPR: “The New Christian Film Industry!” Christianity Today: “Make It Stop!”

NPR recently ran a story about the (supposedly) exciting new "Christian movie industry."The story contained this quote: … [Read more...]

“Christian Fiction” and the Faith of J.K. Rowling and Sara Zarr

I know that many of my fellow Christians are so convinced that J.K. Rowling is a servant of Satan that they won't be persuaded by anything as insignificant as... oh... the author's own words about her faith.But I'm encouraged that the conversation about Rowling's perspective and beliefs is still moving. Maybe eventually it will persuade a few souls to stop protesting and start listening. Maybe it will inspire others to stop and try to count just how many young people the stories have … [Read more...]

Terry Mattingly on Two Words: “FOX” and “Faith”

Terry Mattingly looks at what happened to* The Ultimate Gift when it was tagged with the term "Fox Faith." … [Read more...]

So it continues: Are Christians a niche audience?

Readers are responding to my recent article at Christianity Today Movies: Christians as a Niche Market? … [Read more...]

The Weinsteins Start Up Their Own “Faith-Based” Film Endeavor

Great.Now the Weinstein Company is developing a faith-based filmmaking line.Since the Contemporary Christian Music has done so much to sidetrack Christian musicians so their music doesn't accidentally end up in arenas where the world might hear it... why not create Contemporary Christian Cinema? That way, faith-related films can play to those who already agree with their messages, and to those who don't want to bother with the challenges of mainstream movies. Meanwhile, mainstream … [Read more...]

Terry Mattingly ponders "the birth of Contemporary Christian Cinema"

At GetReligion, Terry Mattingly is facing the Giants dilemma. … [Read more...]

Tomorrow’s Film Forum May Catch Angry CT Movies Readers By Surprise.

Some Christianity Today Movies readers have sent in some very angry mail in response to Josh Hurst's review of Facing the Giants. They're saying things like (and I quote...) Shame, shame, shame on you for giving Facing the Giants a bad review! I've heard that Christianity Today is anti-Christian. Now, I believe it! Yep. "Anti-Christian." Christianity Today is "anti-Christian" because a guy wrote that there are some flaws in a movie made by Christians.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think … [Read more...]

A Few Predictions About “The Nativity Story”

I haven't seen anything but the trailer for Catherine Hardwicke's The Nativity Story yet. And I really don't have any particular expectations about the film itself.When I saw Hardwicke's Thirteen, which starred Holly Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood, I was quite impressed with the performances of her cast. Whether that was just the cast being brilliant, or whether it had something to do with Hardwicke's direction, well, that will probably become more clear as we see more of Hardwicke's … [Read more...]