Why I Want to Be George R. R. Martin’s Neighbor

This article on "Christian fantasy" by novelist Lars Walker confesses something that may surprise his readers: I don’t read much fantasy, and I read almost no Christian fantasy. I’ve been burned too many times. You buy a book, hoping to experience over again the joys great fantasy can provide (for me, the Mines of Moria, the Ride of the Rohirrim, and the resurrection of Aslan provided the greatest moments of joy I’ve ever experienced in literature), and what do you get? Wannabees. Wannabee Tolki … [Read more...]

Against the deliberate “integration” of faith and art

Thanks to a Tweet from Image, I read an interview this morning with Wayne Roosa, an artist and art historian, in First Things. And I came across some words that were stronger than espresso. They woke me up and drove me to concentrate. … [Read more...]

Of Gods and Men: One of those movies we need, but few people really want.

I finally saw Of Gods and Men.The film received a rave review from my favorite film critic, Steven Greydanus, so it's been high on my list of must-see priorities.I'm so glad I spent a Saturday afternoon and eight bucks on it.It's a quiet, powerful film, profound and inspiring in its picture of faithful Christians. It may not be as poetic as, say, Babette's Feast, nor does it have a complex visual vocabulary like Ordet. It provides sufficient tours of the characters' surroundings to … [Read more...]

C.S. Lewis explains.

C.S. LEWIS: What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects — with their Christianity latent. … [Read more...]

Washington Times on “Christian movies”

Reporter Bekah Grim of The Washington Times wanted to know why I don't get excited about "Christian movies."So I took a long, deep breath, tried to remain calm, tried to avoid R-rated language, and I told her. … [Read more...]

NPR: “The New Christian Film Industry!” Christianity Today: “Make It Stop!”

NPR recently ran a story about the (supposedly) exciting new "Christian movie industry."The story contained this quote: … [Read more...]

L.B. Graham on the Problem with “Christian fiction”

An excellent post by author L.B. Graham!I don't know his stories (yet), but I'm impressed with his perspective on prevalent problems in "Christian fiction." Christianity is not about moralism, and Christian fiction shouldn't be either. Christianity revolves, not around good behavior, but around God's mercy shown to man in the death and resurrection of Christ. However, even though we know this to be theologically true, I think we struggle to remember this as we go about our daily lives, and … [Read more...]

Many Thanks to the Christy Award Judges. (Updated. What *is* Christian fiction, anyway?)

Many thanks, again, to those who chose the nominees for this year's Christy Awards. I'm told it is a rare honor to have a book nominated in two categories, and this year, Auralia's Colors was nominated for Best First Novel and "Visionary" (best fantasy novel). I am still recovering from the surprise.(UPDATE: The judges decided that Stephen R. Lawhead's Scarlet was the year's best Christian fantasy novel, and that The Stones Cry Out by Sibella Giorello was the best first novel in Christian … [Read more...]

Change We Can Believe In… At the Movies

The Passion of the Christ inspired speculation—in Christian and mainstream media—that things might be changing for Christians in Hollywood. Some used stronger language, declaring that the gate of Hollywood were swinging open wide for faith-focused filmmakers. Some Christians began to speak with an Obama-level fever for CHANGE in Hollywood.So, here we are a few years later. What have we seen happen? … [Read more...]

NY Times: Ten Great Christian Rock Songs

It's not hard to demonstrate that Christian rock is often... even usually... cheesy, derivative, and shallow. Much of it sounds like commercials for Jesus rather than artistic endeavor.But there are exceptions, although I'd prefer to take the modifier "Christian" off of those songs and just call them Songs... Good Songs.On April 16, The New York Times ran a column by Daniel Radosh, who identifies himself as a secular Jew, author of Rapture Ready: Adventures in the Parallel Universe of … [Read more...]