The CT Movies mailbag: More of the same

Over on the Feedback page of Christianity Today Movies, Mark Moring has posted some more of the letters responding to the reviews there.There are some interesting reactions to Peter T. Chattaway's interview with Brian Flemming, the self-described "Christian atheist" and his claims that Jesus didn't exist. (I posted a link to this last week.)There are also some forceful reactions to reviews of Cinderella Man and The Longest Yard.Nothing terribly surprising, but as always, very … [Read more...]

Specials: Critics on Cinderella Man & Batman, We3, Radiohead, "Narniacs"

Today's specials: … [Read more...]

Today’s specials: U2, Ron Howard, The Simpsons’ movie, and… "16 Candles 2"?

Today's specials:U2 HEARTS ARCADE FIRE In the new issue of Mojo, you'll find a disc featuring songs that Bono and the boys think you should hear. And I hate to say "I told ya so" but there's an Arcade Fire track on there. (Thanks, Opus, for the heads' up.ASTONISHING!! JESUS WASN'T REAL! Peter T. Chattaway interviews Brian Flemming.D'OH! Nancy Cartwright confirms it... A feature film of The Simpsons is in production.AN ANSWER TO SO MANY PRAYERS [insert Homer's … [Read more...]

The gladiator returns to the coliseum…

Paul Giamatti stars in "Gladiator 2: Cinderella Man"I haven't seen Cinderella Man yet, but man, the hype around this movie is building, and the momentum it's gaining looks likely to guarantee it a spot as an Oscar favorite.Think about it: It's the Oscar-winning team of the vastly overrated A Beautiful Mind--Russell Crowe and Ron Howard, together again. But THIS time, Crowe is reprising his role as the Gladiator:a thoughtful family man working hard for a living during tough … [Read more...]

Boxing day.

Warning: Late-afternoon rant ahead.Watching one of those movie-trailer television commercials on Monday (I mean, a TV commercial projected on the big screen, not a movie trailer on television), I finally reached the breaking point.The commercial was for The Apprentice and The Contender. I'm not fond of The Apprentice, because it seems to reward dog-eat-dog behavior. But I won't touch The Contender with a ten-foot pole.I want boxing to go away.Yes, I liked Million Dollar Baby, but … [Read more...]