Specials: Auralia Meets Graeme; Gaffney on CAFF; Chattaway on Faith/Film

I'm going back into a period of intense imagining, polishing up the sequel to Auralia's Colors. So, offline I'll be rather antisocial for the next few weeks, and my blogging may slow down a bit.By the way, did I mention that I'll send you autographed copies of Auralia's Colors if you want to give them as Christmas presents? Just follow the instructions.Or, if you prefer not to have any ink scrawled on the title page, just pick them up at your local bookstore, or online at Amazon and Barne … [Read more...]

Looking Closer… looking back.

Moments like this just make me grateful to work with such thoughtful, brave, and dedicated collaborators. … [Read more...]

1:01 AM and I’ve Seen a Lot of Movies

I'm still here at the City of Angels Film Festival, held that the Directors Guild in L.A.I've had a marvelous time so far.It began with a reception for the festival's special guests, where I was deeply moved and flattered to receive the festival's 2007 Spiritus Award for my writing about movies over the last several years. Dr. Michael Gose of Pepperdine gave me such a gracious introduction that¬†I found it difficult to speak clearly when I¬†stepped up to the microphone.It's unset … [Read more...]

I’m coming to L.A. …

... for the City of Angels Film Festival, October 26-28.Anybody else going to be there? If so, send me a note! … [Read more...]