What’s So Funny? (Or: Christianity and Comedy are Not Exclusive)

An ex-con, striving to change his ways and serve as a good husband, steals a newborn baby for his barren, broken-hearted wife.Are you laughing?A band of disciples pursues a man named Brian, who they've mistaken for the Messiah. When he disappoints them, they crucify him. And he shrugs, whistling a tune and singing "Always look on the bright side of life!"Are you laughing? … [Read more...]

Is Groundhog Day the Most Meaningful Comedy Ever? Or The Truman Show?

On Monday, I'm going to share a special two-part post on comedy. That's because the great Steven Greydanus of The National Catholic Register is stirring up conversation about great comedies with his introduction to the newly published Arts and Faith Top 25 Divine Comedies.  … [Read more...]

The Funniest Movies Ever Made?

This Observer article finds several comedy experts reminiscing about their laugh-out-loud favorites. And the collection gets four cheers from me for giving credit to four both of my all-time favorite comedies: Midnight Run and Raising Arizona (both in my all-time Top Ten movies, period) and Fletch and This is Spinal Tap. … [Read more...]

My Favorite 10 Minutes of David Letterman… Ever.

This interview was my favorite ten minutes of late-night talk show ever... this spontaneous, unpredictable David Letterman interview with Steve Martin about Roxanne, Bill Murray, and the fine art of pencil-throwing."And if you've ever been on the floor of a context..."Oh, how I miss THAT Steve Martin.It's also cool to see the commercials that came on during the break. And to consider that some of Dave's most creative stuff took place during the writers' strike. … [Read more...]

What Would Make Jesus Laugh?

The Big Lebowski and Annie Hall aren't exactly titles you'd expect to see featured in a film festival for Christians.Craig Detweiler asks... "Why not?!" … [Read more...]

Terry Gilliam Talks About Christianity

The man who guards the Bridge of Death speaks: … [Read more...]

Whoever you’re voting for… Will Ferrell is a funny man.

And here he is, reprising one of his greatest roles, as our Commander-in-Chief, with a special message for all Americans. … [Read more...]

Bracing for the Backlash to My Anchorman Review…

"What a glutton for punishment you are," my colleague Mr. Greydanus said to me after I posted my semi-defense of Will Ferrell's Anchorman at CT Movies this week.And indeed, I'm anticipating that CT readers will be coming after me with torches when they see that I've given two and a half stars to a film as lowbrow and innuendo-heavy as Anchorman. … [Read more...]