Mysteries of the Lost Comments #1

In spite of a simple, fair Comments Policy that is available through not one but two links on my blog's home page, sometimes I receive comments that clearly violate those simple guidelines.Today, I received one of them in response to my review of The Dark Knight Rises.Rather than just trash the comment, I think it provides what some would call "a teachable moment." While I welcome disagreement, and get it frequently from good friends, from coworkers, and from visitors to my my Facebook … [Read more...]

God Bless Gracious Commenters

Friends and colleagues who leave comments here, consider this a little love note, prompted by things I've seen happening on several other sites today.Conversing on an online discussion board is a tricky art. … [Read more...]

Time for a Comments Policy Reminder

As I caught up with comments here at the blog recently, I realized that some folks haven't noticed the Comments Policy posted in the right sidebar on the Journal page.So, bear with me. Here it is just as a reminder: … [Read more...]