Smashing! "Live from Nowhere" is Over the Rhine at their live best.

Isn't it wonderful when a live audience knows how to be quiet?It doesn't happen much anymore -- musicians casting such a spell over the audience that they can put down their instruments mid-song and let the vocalist's voice resonate without any violating whistles or noises from the crowd.But it happens on Live from Nowhere, Volume One, the new live collection from Over the Rhine."This is our loungey Christmas show," says Karin, and then dedicates "Fever" to a couple on a date in the … [Read more...]

Memorable Concerts

As I continue to quake with the aftershocks of last night's performance by The Arcade Fire, I wonder... what's the most memorable concert experience of YOUR life? Please share. … [Read more...]

The Arcade Fire in Seattle

Last night was one of those nights that I will think back on for the rest of my life, thanking God that I was there to experience it.The Arcade Fire performed at Seattle's Paramount Theater. … [Read more...]

U2 – Live in Seattle last night: A great show, slightly "dismantled" halfway through

I've seen U2 perform live four times now, and I've seen the film "Rattle and Hum" almost ten times on the big screen, along with countless DVD viewings, so I know what they're capable of.Thus, I had high hopes about what would take place in KeyArena last night for the "Vertigo" tour. And when the band took the stage with a searing, blistering, blow-out-the-back-wall version of "Love and Peace Or Else," I was once again swept up on waves of energy and light. It was a euphoric experience as … [Read more...]

U2 Fan of the Week

Let's hear it for Coma Guy!! … [Read more...]

U2 Update: Larry Mullen Apologizes

(Thanks, Diane, for the link!)Larry Mullen, Jr., in a very classy move, has posted an explanation, and apology, and notes about plans to try and make amends with U2 fans who felt rather betrayed by the ticket fiasco this week. … [Read more...]

How to Dismantle a U2 Fan’s Enthusiasm

Yes, I got U2 tickets.And yes, I'm going to whine like a kid whose told that the cookies are off limits. … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine – Drunkard’s Prayer – March 29 – Tour!!

I've just heard from Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine. The new album is coming (no longer titled "Born"), and the band's ready for an ambitious tour. They *will* be at the Cornerstone Festival this summer (and I hope to be as well).Here's the scoop: … [Read more...]

A “Thank You” 20 Years in the Making

I have wanted to meet Sam Phillips since 1986. That dream has become increasingly strong over the years since then, as her songs have become the most personal and important to me out of any music I've heard. If I had to choose ten songs that have meant the most to me in my lifetime, about half of them would be hers.Last night, I discovered that our dinner table for a party of six was placed directly in front of the microphone. Couldn't have been closer. And then, about 40 minutes after a … [Read more...]

Sam Phillips… live in Seattle this Tuesday.

Sam Phillips is playing this Tuesday at the Century Ballroom in Seattle. I’ll be there. … [Read more...]