Raven’s Ladder contest/giveaway!

Folks who have joined my Facebook fan page are reading the details on the first of several Raven's Ladder contests and giveaways. … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Tyler Petty, Winner of the “Up” Review Contest!

It was a tough decision. … [Read more...]

An Elevating Contest: Looking Closer Readers Review “Up”

Okay, I'm going to pick the poster-winner  on Wednesday. But these are the three considerations of Up that came in. I present them warts and all! … [Read more...]

Review contest: A Poster is “Up” for Grabs

Review contest!Send me your 600- to 1200-word review of Pixar's Up.My favorite entry wins an Up poster & publication here at Looking Closer. (I may publish more than one if I get some good ones.)Email joverstreet at gmail.com.Deadline: Monday at noon, Seattle time. … [Read more...]

Win an Auralia Thread poster!

So... I spilled the beans and mentioned that I have some glorious new posters for The Auralia Thread.And I'm planning to give away ten of them.Want one?Come up with one of the ten most creative blog posts about Auralia's Colors or Cyndere's Midnight.Here are the guidelines:It must be new, not a re-post of something you've done before. It must introduce readers to Auralia's Colors and/or Cyndere's Midnight in a creative fashion, giving them some idea about the book. It … [Read more...]

New Auralia Thread Contest: Name the Site of a Meteor Strike

In the third book of The Auralia Thread -- Cal-raven's Ladder -- Cal-raven will venture to a very creepy place... a place where a meteor once struck and destroyed a forest, leaving a deep crater full of strange, glittering dust. … [Read more...]

Winner of the Looking Closer review contest!

Many thanks to the writers who entered the most recent Looking Closer review contest!I'm especially grateful for your patience, as I had to postpone my decision due to a pile-up of competing deadlines, interruptions, and responsibilities. … [Read more...]

The Movie That Harry Can’t Tell You About. Plus: Win a Wall-E poster!

Is this the year that an animated movie will win the Oscar for Best Picture?Here's hoping... … [Read more...]

Winners in the “Cyndere’s Midnight” Contest

Thanks to everyone who submitted creative and frightening names in the "Name the Character" contest!After playing around with many of the names, I had to go with the names that "stuck." Yes, some of you put a lot of thought and study into finding words with meaningful roots and histories. But when it came down to it, there was something about... … [Read more...]

Name a Character in Cyndere’s Midnight!

So, there's this monster in Cyndere's Midnight, the sequel to Auralia's Colors... … [Read more...]