Cowboy Junkies – “At the End of Paths Taken”

Okay, it's very late, I'm immersed in writing one of the last chapters in my current fiction project.But all I've had to drink is tea and I'm thinking fairly clearly. So I think I'm clear-headed enough to say this with some confidence:I'm listening to the new Cowboy Junkies album, At the End of Paths Taken, and... either I'm just really starved for some good music, or this is the best album they've released since The Trinity Sessions, and a candidate for my year-end top ten … [Read more...]

Specials: Steve Martin’s Next Good Movie; Mark Helprin; Cowboy Junkies Sing U2; Steyn on Spielberg

Today's specials:THE REAL STEVE MARTIN ... THE ONE WORTH SEEING... IS BACK Steve Martin's upcoming romantic comedy Shopgirl wasn't very high on my must-see list. Until now.BEHIND THE SCENES OF MARK HELPRIN'S STORYTELLING Harvard Magazine investigates the house of Helprin, my favorite novelist."WE'RE JUNKIES, BUT WE'RE NOT THE SAME..." Cowboy Junkies have a new covers album called Early 21st Century Blues, and it features a rendition of U2's "One." More information and streaming … [Read more...]