Christian Movie Review Editing Lesson #2

In Round One of "Christian Movie Review Editing Lessons," readers had a lot of fun discovering just how much could be done to improve the review in question. So now, in the name of excellence, here's Round Two. … [Read more...]

Christian Movie Review Editing Lesson: An ‘Appreciative’ critique

Since it's my job to read every Christian-press movie review every week, I am constantly reminded that Christian media is in dire need of TRAINED EDITORS, writers who know how to use the English language.I include myself in the lot of those who need watchful editors to catch mistakes.After all, if God cares about the number of hairs on our heads, and if he watches over the sparrows, surely he cares about split infinitives and ending sentences with prepositions.So, here is the first … [Read more...]

How to Write a Review of Catwoman

UPDATE: My review is now posted at CT Movies.Well, there's the easy route: you can write a review of Catwoman by finding the most readily available derogatory metaphor relating to cats."It's the pick of the litter box..." for example.Or, … [Read more...]