Christians as a “Niche Market”? (Or… What I Learned at the Biola Media Conference)

My overview of the volatile conversations and debates at the Biola Conference is now published at Christianity Today Movies. As Hollywood continues to catch the "faith wave" by making and marketing more movies to Christians, some of the industry's major players gathered at a conference in Los Angeles last weekend to discuss the pros and cons of the relatively new trend. While some are excited about the potential of these efforts, some are also frustrated about the "bad art" that has already … [Read more...]

New Feedback at CT Movies

There are a couple of new letters up at the CT Movies feedback page... or, as I like to call it, the Greatest Show on Earth. You never know what the letters will be like... sometimes it's inspiring, sometimes it's discouraging, and sometimes it's the best comedy going. … [Read more...]

“Have We Lost Our Minds?” Readers Say “No!”

My blog post about CT Movies' reviews and the Christian perspective that informs them was republished (in an abridged, revised form) at CT Movies. … [Read more...]

The Christianity Today Readers’ Poll

I've already linked to Christianity Today's "Most Redeeming Movies of 2006" list (a list of the most inspiring, redemptive big-screen stories of the year).And I've linked to their critics' "Cream of the Crop" list (a list of the films that CT critics found to be the most accomplished works of cinematic art).But there's another list I forgot to mention: the Readers' Poll!!A "critic of the critics" recently criticized CT Movies film reviewers for being "out of touch" with their … [Read more...]

The latest amazing presumption about my life, my faith

Does this sound presumptuous to you? The reality is [Mark, Peter, and Jeffrey] are guys who spend all day immersed in the culture of Hollywood, ostensibly “screening” movies while others work real full time jobs to support them.* That claim, and another extensive attack on CT film critics, was posted by a Christian talk-show host today.What follows is a response to the accusation, not an "attack" on his character. He smote us with that accusation. Allow me to hold up the facts, and you can … [Read more...]

Mark Moring on CT Movies, Walden, the CT film awards, and recent criticism of CT’s alleged "agenda"

Here's Mark Moring's newsletter for the week. I encourage you to subscribe. … [Read more...]

Are Christianity Today’s Movie Reviews Written With an "Anti-Evangelical Agenda"?

As you may already know, this week a radio talk-show host accused Christianity Today Movies' film reviewers of misrepresenting the magazine's foundation of evangelical conviction.And a Christian filmmaker responded to one of those reviews by declaring that one of CT's most prolific and respected reviewers clearly needed to sit down with real Christians and learn what they are like.Well, it should be clear that these are serious claims, with serious implications. I'm not naming them here, … [Read more...]

“The Last Sin Eater” and CT Movies, Round Two: Film Forum

Many, many thanks to Peter T. Chattaway for doing a great job covering Film Forum while I spent several days revising Auralia's Colors.(Four days straight, from 8am to 10:30pm working on my laptop, finding better words for things. Whew. And it ain't over yet.)Anyway, I'm back, and my latest Film Forum is up at Christianity Today Movies. Somewhere along the line this month I'm pretty sure I'm hitting my sixth anniversary at the column. And what a long, strange trip it's been. So many … [Read more...]

CT’s Top Ten Lists: A Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

If you're reading Through a Screen Darkly, you've probably come across some of my "war stories" about the outrageous letters and emails I've received over the years as a Christian film reviewer.I wish I could say things are getting easier. They're not. … [Read more...]

“What?! You Mentioned Mormonism?”

A few days back, Christianity Today Movies published an interview with film director Richard Dutcher, who has a Mormon background.And this provoked a classic reactionary response. … [Read more...]