Record-Breaker: 17 Movies in This week’s Film Forum

Which Christian film critic calls The Fountain "a syncretistic mishmash that never addresses core biblical teaching about humanity's sin and our need for a Savior"? And which one calls it "a brilliantly conceived and executed artistic vision"? Who said Deja Vu "feels a bit like a shell game"? What do Christian critics think of the new James Bond? Is Bobby going to "lead many people astray, morally, politically and theologically" with "false Romantic, Neo-Marxist liberal ideology and … r … [Read more...]

My Conversation(s) with Darren Aronofsky (“The Fountain,” “Requiem for a Dream”)

Earlier this month, I had a long conversation with director Darren Aronofsky, the man responsible for this year's most ambitious sci-fi film The Fountain, and who has also given us Requiem for a Dream and Pi.We talked by telephone about The Fountain, and about how it begs to be interpreted in so many different ways. We talked about the power of myth, the idea that the world's religions can be traced to common origins, and humankind's constant struggle to solve the problem of mortality … [Read more...]

Tomorrow’s Film Forum May Catch Angry CT Movies Readers By Surprise.

Some Christianity Today Movies readers have sent in some very angry mail in response to Josh Hurst's review of Facing the Giants. They're saying things like (and I quote...) Shame, shame, shame on you for giving Facing the Giants a bad review! I've heard that Christianity Today is anti-Christian. Now, I believe it! Yep. "Anti-Christian." Christianity Today is "anti-Christian" because a guy wrote that there are some flaws in a movie made by Christians.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think … [Read more...]

Steven Greydanus joins CT Movies!

CT Movies is... Captain Mark Moring Peter T. Chattaway Carolyn Arends Lisa Ann Cockrel Camerin Courtney Todd Hertz Josh Hurst Ron Reed and now...Steven Greydanus!!What a team! … [Read more...]

Hiatus!! (or Through a Book Project Darkly)

For the first time in my five-plus years writing the weekly Film Forum for Christianity Today Movies, I'm going on hiatus.The lovely and talented JOSH HURST will be piloting the craft while I'm gone, and I'm sure I'll be humbled by his zeal and competence.I'll return to that "desk" in June.Right now, every spare moment is focused on my book about faith and film: Through a Screen Darkly. … [Read more...]

The Most Redeeming Movies of 2005?

 Christianity Today Movies has posted The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2005.Mark Moring explains the definition: What do we mean by "redeeming" films? They're all stories of redemption—sometimes blatantly, sometimes less so. Several of them literally have a character that represents a redeemer. And with some of them, the redemption thread is buried beneath the surface; you might have to look a bit harder for it, but it's most certainly there. Some of them are "feel-good" movies that l … [Read more...]

Ladies and Gentlemen… Craig Detweiler.

I interviewed screenwriter/film-instructor Craig Detweiler at Biola several months ago in L.A., before any trailers for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe had even been shown. (The trailer debuted above Detweiler's head on a big screen at the Biola Media Conference.)That interview was published today at Christianity Today Movies.Here's a clip: Do you see "good, beautiful, complex, redemptive" films being made today?Detweiler: Almost every class I teach here ends with David Gordon … [Read more...]

New feedback at CT: Narnia

A letter worth noting at the Feedback page for Christianity Today Movies: Narnia Evangelismposted 09/02/05Your Reel News column states, "It's not surprising that believers would see [The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe] as not just mere entertainment, but as an evangelistic opportunity. "In stark contrast, C. S. Lewis' close friend Walter Hooper argues "I was worried that those who talked about 'teaching' the stories as Christian 'theology' might by such efforts frustrate the spell of … [Read more...]

More feedback at CT Movies – rant, rant, rant

Anybody else want to volunteer replies to these letters posted at CTMovies Feedback page? posted 06/28/05 I have not seen Bewitched, but I am very surprised at Christianity Today Movies seeming to approve of a film with such themes. Sex, profanity, full-frontal nudity (frankly, I find blurred-out genitals much more vulgar and indecent than fully visible ones—this just draws attention to it all the more) and witchcraft are an odd mix for a film discussed and, it would seem, approved of by CT M … [Read more...]

The CT Movies mailbag: More of the same

Over on the Feedback page of Christianity Today Movies, Mark Moring has posted some more of the letters responding to the reviews there.There are some interesting reactions to Peter T. Chattaway's interview with Brian Flemming, the self-described "Christian atheist" and his claims that Jesus didn't exist. (I posted a link to this last week.)There are also some forceful reactions to reviews of Cinderella Man and The Longest Yard.Nothing terribly surprising, but as always, very … [Read more...]