As always, a wide range of responses…

CT Movies has updated its feedback page, and there are some interesting responses to the Kingdom of Heaven coverage.There are also the typically varied displays of enthusiasm and protest over reviews of Kicking and Screaming, Monster-in-Law, and Crash... posted 05/23/05 Regarding Kicking and Screaming, I must object to one aspect of your review that, at some level, shows a lack of respect for male sexuality. Your review mentions (with great tolerance) the crude jokes concerning male … [Read more...]

Revenge of the Sith reviews!

My review of Star Wars, Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith will be posted on Wednesday. There'll be a long version at CT Movies, and a MUCH more comprehensive version up at Looking Closer. … [Read more...]

Josh Hurst’s new DVD column!

Congratulations to my good friend Josh Hurst for starting a new column at Christianity Today Movies, celebrating weekly DVD releases. … [Read more...]

We’re #1?!

Sweet!The annual Evangelical Press Association (EPA) convention caught me off-guard this week, awarding Christianity Today Movies as the FIRST PLACE winner in the Online Publications category of their Awards for Excellence!So, a round of applause is certainly due to Mark Moring and his crew, as well as to the Christianity Today visionaries who gave Mark the helm of that Web site.They also recognized Peter T. Chattaway for his fine contributions at … [Read more...]

Film Comment Critics Agree with Christianity Today Critics for #1 Movie of 2005!!

What a strange new world I live in.The critics at Film Comment have voted Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as the #1 film of 2005.That's the same movie voted #1 by the critics at Christianity Today!In fact, the two groups agree on FIVE of the top ten! … [Read more...]

CT Movies getting something other than rage mail

Hooray! More who see the point and appreciate the efforts of Mark Moring and company at CT Movies! … [Read more...]

Sticking Up for Them Cussin’ Characters

When I post a review recommending a film that includes harsh language, I almost always hear from somebody somewhere who is aghast that I, a Christian film reviewer, would approve of anything that includes profanity... … [Read more...]