Bazan, Brazen.

UPDATE: I just realized that I never posted THIS. Which is a thrilling profile of David Bazan, featuring excellent perspective from David Dark. … [Read more...]

Browser: Sam Phillips, David Bazan, Robert Shiller, economic bubbles, Bono on Easter, and Jim Jarmusch

I'm so busy editing the next strand of The Auralia Thread, Raven's Ladder, and composing new articles for Image and Christianity Today that I'm flat out of time to blog anything substantial. So here's a rundown of links that caught my attention over the last few days...There's a new Sam Phillips song on the way May 1st. David Bazan rocks Seattle Pacific University. Robert Shiller discussed Starbucks VIA, Miracle Whip, and economic bubbles, at Seattle Pacific University's Downtown … [Read more...]

Interrupting David Bazan’s Breakfast

So, this morning Anne and I have escaped our neighborhood to hide out at a coffee shop on the north side of Seattle. I'm planning to make a lot of progress on the sequel to Auralia's Colors (which is now due Wednesday), and we have got to avoid distraction.So, we've chosen a quiet, beautiful, peaceful courtyard lined with Christmas lights, decorated with a fountain and bamboo, and Celtic music is playing. A great place for a sleepy Saturday morning. And the coffee is good.The family at … [Read more...]

Radiohead Re-imagined: David Bazan, My Brightest Diamond, and Cold War Kids

Wow.Stereogum has posted a free mp3 album celebrating ... and reinventing... Radiohead's best album (in my humble opinion), OK Computer.Even better? It features artists like David Bazan's Black Cloud, My Brightest Diamond, and Cold War Kids.I'm going to check this out. … [Read more...]

Specials: Wong at Cannes. Vote against Pedro. Chattaway’s Top 10. "New World" cut. "Pan’s Labyrinth." "Horror porn." "Scanner Darkly." "Fateless."

Wednesday's specals:President of this year's Cannes Film Festival jury... Wong Kar-wai! Fantastic. This should make for some very interesting choices. Can't wait to see who else is on the jury. (Thanks, Opus, for the link.)No more Pedro the Lion. Please welcome... David Bazan! It was bound to happen. Bazan's dropped the band name, officially declared himself a solo artist.Peter Chattaway and Roy Anker post contrary top ten lists at Books and Culture I like titles on both lists. I … [Read more...]