David Brooks on The Social Network

David Brooks reviewed The Social Network, and I like his take on it.I especially like this: … [Read more...]

David Brooks on Avatar

David Brooks in The New York Times turns his attention from America's occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to humanity's occupation of Pandora: … [Read more...]

The Browser, 6/9: Nicolosi likes "Sex and the City"; Neil Jordan’s "Ondine"; Brooks on leadership

The Browser:News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow.-"Sexcess"Let's give her credit... it's a clever post title.(I was rather proud of mine too: "Sex and the CT.")Moviegoing superdelegate Barbara Nicolosi casts her vote in favor of Sex and the City: I saw this film on its opening Friday a couple weeks ago, and have been wanting to blog about it ever since. I was going to post a mostly positive blog, but then I started reading a lot of what other … [Read more...]

The Browser, 5/14: Brooks on “Neural Buddhism”; Fraggles; Scarlett Johansson; Why I’ll Miss Dubya

Brooks on a new challenge for those who believe in a "personal God"David Brooks talks about why believers' debates with Richard Dawkins are "just a sideshow," and that the real revolution is something like "neural Buddhism."-Fraggle Rock is here to stayCory Edwards is bringing back the Fraggles. Here's his announcement, and a quick Q&A.-Scarlett singsJosh Hurst reviews Scarlett Johansson's album of Tom Waits covers. You can probably guess where the weakest link … [Read more...]

Specials: David Brooks on "Munich." Plus, NY Online Critics’ Awards, LA Critics’ awards.

Sunday's specials:David Brooks reviews Munich!In Spielberg's Middle East the only way to achieve peace is by renouncing violence. But in the real Middle East the only way to achieve peace is through military victory over the fanatics, accompanied by compromise between the reasonable elements on each side. Somebody, the Israelis or the Palestinian Authority, has to defeat Hamas and the other terrorist groups. Far from leading to a downward cycle, this kind of violence is the … [Read more...]

Brooks on Africa

David Brooks finds his perspective on the African crisis changing. "I came here expecting despair, but now realize that we should be redoubling our efforts out of a sense of opportunity." Personally, I've been thrilled by the headlines this week about new aid for Africa. This is, indeed, significant progress. But we still have such a long way to go.Meanwhile, nobody's making more noise about the need for aid in Africa than you-know-who. … [Read more...]

David Brooks on Bono, Rick Warren, Chuck Colson, Evangelicals, the “Culture War,” and the War on Poverty

David Brooks hits a home run.Here's an excerpt: … [Read more...]

Off-topic: Who is John Stott? (Hint: He’s bigger than Falwell.)

David Brooks shows once again why he's one of the most level-headed and important political writers in the country. … [Read more...]