Specials: War ending. Quaid meditating. Narnia clip playing.

Tuesday's specialsTHE WAR IS OVER. Oprah... Dave. Dave... Oprah. I expect a talk-show troop withdrawl will follow straightaway.QUAID TALKS ABOUT HIS CHRISTIAN FAITH Meditation, he says, should be yours... mine... ours...."IT'S UNDERWHELMING!" "IT'S LESS THAN ORIGINAL!" Critics are raving about today's special sneak-preview clip of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. They're raving about how much it looks like footage from the video game, or a scene from The Return of the King in … [Read more...]

Specials: Quaid about his Christianity. Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Over the Rhine.

Wednesday's specials:YOURS, MINE, OUR FAITH Huh. Peter T. Chattaway mentioned today that, lo and behold, Dennis Quaid's a Christian, and now I wish I'd had a different list of questions when I attended the film junket for In Good Company. He grew up Baptist, and married a Baptist girl from Texas. Whaddaya know. He has some interesting comments here, and I'm just baffled that I haven't picked up on this before.AERIAL AMAZES, CHAOS "SENTIMENTAL" Josh Hurst on Kate Bush and Sir Paul … [Read more...]

Dennis Quaid: Doing What Harrison Ford Failed to Do

For the last two decades, Harrison Ford has been so narrowly focused on action-hero movies and traditional romantic leading-man roles that he's accepted increasingly embarrassing projects. There have been the occasional experiments--"Presumed Innocent," and that awful romance with Kirsten Scott Thomas, but he's clearly shown that he needs help in selecting decent projects.Dennis Quaid, on the other hand, has continued to improve as an actor, choosing good roles (with the occasional … [Read more...]

My weekend In Good Company in L.A.

I just returned from L.A., where I had an opportunity to participate in a press conference with writer/director Paul Weitz, asking him questions about one of the most enjoyable mainstream comedies of the year, In Good Company, which stars Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace, and Scarlett Johansson.I also had the privilege of tossing a couple of questions at Quaid and Grace.And I had the fantastic, inspiring experience of getting better acquainted with many of my fellow religious-press film … [Read more...]