First Impressions of Steve James’ Film About Roger Ebert: Life Itself

"Drama holds a mirror up to life, but needn't reproduce it."Roger, Roger, Roger. Here I am watching a film about your departure, and I'm still jotting down things you said that will be worth quoting in my own film reviews. … [Read more...]

For Kids Who Can’t Write Good

Can a good movie be made about bad writing? … [Read more...]

Who’s the Fairest of Them All? (As Documentaries Go, Anyway…)

If I say "documentaries," most readers will probably stop reading and move on to something else.But for those of us who who are enjoying a "golden age" of documentaries, finding that they are often more engaging and rewarding than other kinds of films (Was there a better suspense-thriller last year than Man on Wire?)... here's a question: … [Read more...]

A familiar debate: Christians and movies. But this is happening in Hong Kong!

``Christianity has just begun its move into [popular] culture here,'' says Pastor Enoch Lam. ``The hostility and the misunderstanding have softened - but a lot of people have very sensitive nerves.'' The story's in Weekend Standard, "China's Business Newspaper." ... Just as born-again fervor gripped Hollywood in the form of Mel Gibson's visceral - and very profitable - The Passion of the Christ, Hong Kong has its own unlikely box office hit with The Days of Noah, a film about close encounters … [Read more...]

Frederick Buechner – The Movie

Okay, chalk this up on the MUST-SEE MOVIES list...Great Laughter is a documentary about an essential Christian writer, Frederick Buechner.Click on the link above for more information.And then, click on the QUOTES link to give yourself enough wisdom to launch a lifetime of great conversation.I cannot encounter this piece of text without immediately sharing it with others: Some think of a Christian as one who necessarily believes certain things. That Jesus was the son of God, say. … [Read more...]