By the Way, God is Not Dead Yet.

I just received the latest issue of Christianity Today in the mail.The cover story: God is Not Dead Yet. You can read it here.Plus: A list of recommended reading on the existence of God.Also in this issue, you'll find a review of Sam Phillips' new album Don't Do Anything... by some guy who has the same name as me. Oh, and they picked a really cool portrait of Sam to post alongside it. … [Read more...]

Watch a Short Sam Phillips Concert on NPR

Sam Phillips stopped in to play a show for All Songs Considered on NPR. … [Read more...]

ABC News Feature on Sam Phillips

I'm hesitant to link to a title as badly titled as this one. … [Read more...]

Paste reviews Don’t Do Anything

Will I see you at the Borders bookstore in Redmond, Washington next Wednesday? Sam Phillips will be there, playing songs from her new album Don't Do Anything. And if you need any more persuading to pick up a copy, here's a review in Paste: … [Read more...]

Today: The Biggest Album Release Day on My 2008 Calendar

Sam Phillips' "Don't Do Anything" is here.Order it from the Nonesuch website, and you'll receive the CD in the mail, and a downloadable mp3 version as well (not to mention three bonus tracks that you won't get if you buy it anywhere else).Visit her new Nonesuch page, and select "Listen to the album."My review will be in the next issue of Christianity Today, and so I must withhold posting it until then. (I'll be posting a much-expanded version of that review as soon as it's … [Read more...]

David Kennedy on Sam Phillips’ New Album

David Kennedy is rambling — no, raving! — about the new Sam Phillips album, Don't Do Anything. Longtime fans - small in number but fierce in loyalty - will no doubt furrow their brows in concern for their beloved singer when they hear Don't Do Anything. If Boot was injected with intermittent optimism borne of fresh wounds, the new album has the sound of healed-over scar tissue. It's by no means relentlessly dark, but it is often darkly comic....... [T]o those for whom music - especially … [Read more...]

Sam Phillips’ “Don’t Do Anything” Does Not Disappoint

I'll be reviewing Sam Phillips' Don't Do Anything for Christianity Today, and I'm thrilled. Feels like a landmark moment for me, since Sam's journey has blazed the trail for me in my understanding of, and appreciation for, the wide world of artmaking. To get to review one of her albums for Christianity Today is a privilege and pleasure.So now... I'm off to turn up the stereo (which is currently spinning Mockingbird, Allison Moorer's sensual new album of knockout covers... which really should … [Read more...]

Sam Phillips’ new set of "stormy, heartaching songs."

Performing Songwriter on Sam Phillips' Don't Do Anything, the album I'm most excited to hear in 2008: While Don't Do Anything retains elements of her early Beatles-inspired baroque pop and her more recent Euro-chanteuse folk, this self-produced (her first without Burnett) album is striking for its uncharacteristically dissonant sonic touches. The distorted guitars and crashing cymbals contrast intriguingly with her fragile, vulnerable vocals, yet they also fit with her lyrics‚ emotional t … [Read more...]

“Don’t Do Anything” on February 26

Here's the news to make all Sam Phillips fans look forward to the new year... Nonesuch Records will also release a new Sam Phillips album called Don't Do Anything on February 26, even if you have it marked down as January 29. This is a new direction for Sam as she produces the album herself and moves into a more rock element than previous works have shown. Thanks to Jim Bricker for the link! … [Read more...]