Writer/Director Scott Derrickson’s pick for "Most Disappointing Movie of 2005"

Look who showed up in the comments on the Disappointing Movies thread! Hi Jeffrey...and, uh...hi, Peter.Jeffrey, I've been reading your blog pretty regularly -- it's great. Because of you I've been listening to "Ohio" by Over the Rhine for the last six weeks. Wim Wenders stayed at my house a few weeks back, and said that it's one of his current favs, and I bought him a copy of Drunkards Prayer before he went back home to Germany.As for this list, I'd put Jarhead at the top of mine. You … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine might get a Grammy nomination!

If you love Over the Rhine (and how could you not?)...and if you believe in justice...well, then do what you can to bring them the honor they deserve.The Grammies are not known for being awarded to the artists that deserve them, but once in a while something goes the way it should. (Bob Dylan, Time Out of Mind. U2, "Beautiful Day.") Like the Oscars, once in a while something providential occurs, bringing attention, celebration, and blessing to someone devoted to excellence. It looks … [Read more...]

Time for another "Drunkard’s Prayer"

It just came to my attention that there's an alternate version of Over the Rhine's song "Drunkard's Prayer" available for download on their site... free!The page says: It's always a challenge to figure out what to put on a project. Brent played a beautiful saxophone solo, but in the end we went for a simpler version of the song. Did we make the right choice? Karin and Linford, the right choice is to record multiple versions of each song, and then to spring them on your fans as surprise … [Read more...]

CT on Over the Rhine, the album, the tour, the marriage

Another interview... this time with just Karin ... about saving the marriage, the music, and Over the Rhine. … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine – Drunkard’s Prayer (2005)

All marriages are broken.We’re broken people, and when we commit to each other, for better or worse, we are guaranteed that there will be difficult — sometimes severely painful — times. How we respond to those trials will depend largely on our priorities and our beliefs. Am I in this for my own personal satisfaction? Or am I in this to give myself to the other person as a living sacrifice? When I made those sacred vows, did I believe them to be sacred — a promise before God as well as my spou … [Read more...]

Beck’s "Guero" is here, and so is Over the Rhine’s new album!

If you have a surround sound DVD system, do not buy the new Beck album Guero on CD.Instead, purchase the DELUXE DVD version!! It has the entire album, plus several extra tracks, videos for the songs, and more. The surround sound experience is fantastic. Beck clearly conceived of these songs for this format--they're busy with little details, and they're spacious enough that you can explore them in different ways with each listen. I rarely listen to an album three times through without a … [Read more...]

Linford and Karin on The New York Daily News

My favorite album of last year, A Boot and a Shoe, was born from divorce. It was a heartbreaker.This year, what may well be my favorite album has come from a marriage that's been saved. … [Read more...]