Roger Ebert on truth-telling, religion, politics, and “The Reader”

Ebert has just published one of his most thought-provoking, personal, revealing commentaries. I hope you'll read the whole thing. … [Read more...]

That’s The Spirit!

Roger Ebert: The Spirit is mannered to the point of madness. There is not a trace of human emotion in it. To call the characters cardboard is to insult a useful packing material. … [Read more...]

Roger Ebert’s favorite films of 2008.

The master has spoken.I have a rough-draft list of my favorites for 2008, and it's almost identical to this one. Wild. That rarely happens with any critic, especially Ebert. But my current favorite film of '08 is on this list, so if you want to start guessing... go ahead. I'm really, really surprised and delighted to see it there. … [Read more...]

Greydanus on Twilight-mania; Ebert on the CelebCult

Steven Greydanus offers an insightful interpretation of the Twilight phenomenon. Now that's what I'm talking about!-Roger Ebert: Death to Film Critics! Hail to the CelebCult!  … [Read more...]

Roger Ebert on redemption

Roger Ebert's latest blog entry is a keeper. … [Read more...]

Is Ebert’s Memory Failing?

UPDATE: It turns out that he was thinking of a scene from "Rick," a film that was out a couple of years ago, with Bill Pullman. Spooky. And, as a matter of fact, Ebert's review has now been corrected, and the mistakes are gone.-Roger Ebert's review of "In Good Company" is very very strange indeed.(Kudos to Steven Greydanus for catching this bizarro review.)First of all, he says,It's about a corporate culture that tries to be evil and fails.I've seen the movie, and I have … [Read more...]

Roger Ebert Weighs In on Michael Moore’s New Dubya-bashing Movie

Farenheit 911 sounds like a must-see... … [Read more...]