More specials: "Rabbi Paul" – the movie! Focus on the Family and "Spear" in NY Times. More Pullman poop. Peet joins Perry and Sorkin.

RABBI PAUL - THE MOVIE This just popped up at DoneDeal. Title: Rabbi PaulLog line: The life story of Saul of Tarsus who, due to divine intervention, turns his life around and becomes the founder of Christianity and the Apostle Paul.Writer: Bruce Chilton (author)Agent: n/aBuyer: Mandalay and Prelude PicturesPrice: n/aGenre: Bio-DramaLogged: 2/2/06More: Biography. Alan Riche, Peter Riche, Mandalay Integrated Media Entertainment’s Christian Tureaud, and Prelude’s Ma … [Read more...]

Specials: Beware Knightley! Moring interviews Emma Thompson. Evangelical NY Times Writer: Oxymoron? Shea on Spear.

WHAT I'M SEEING TODAY Tsotsi. Anybody else here seen it?IS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY'S SMILE DANGEROUS? Can you look away from that smile? It has a strange and dismaying power. I mean, look at her! There's something almost violent about that smile. She's she's brandishing a weapon with complete confidence that no one can withstand its power... Slap some green makeup on her, and you've got the sequel to 28 Days Later.[Graham Chapman voice] RUN AWAY!!![/Graham Chapman voice]I await Pirates of … [Read more...]

Specials: Sam Rockwell! Spear-ited debate! EIEIO!

Seattle Seahawk Sunday specials:SAM ROCKWELL IS (not)... BATMAN! If you really want to see what happens when Sam Rockwell puts on a Batman suit, click here, then click on the image from the film. Don't say I didn't warn you. (PG-13-level content)THE MUNICH WARS GreenCine Daily rounds up the latest bulletins. Screenwriter Tony Kushner starts it off saying, In the last month, the co-creators of Munich have been accused of being apologists for the Palestinians, apologists for Israel, … [Read more...]

Specials: Allende & Walden; Slamming "End of the Spear"

Tuesday specials:The New York Times looks at Walden Media's Isabel Allende project.The Village Voice seeks to impale End of the Spear, the new film based on the famous and true missionary story Through Gates of Splendor. Coy crypto-Christian claptrap masquerading as feel-good ethnography, End of the Spear is part missionaries-in-peril potboiler (sans pot) and part Bush-era evangelical screed. It's the kind of oversweet cinematic Kool-Aid they used to force-feed us in Sunday … [Read more...]