10 Things My Friends and I Said On Facebook Since Friday

It's been a lively weekend on my Facebook page.Are you following the news and conversations there? Choose "LIKE" to do so.Here are some recent comments....1. "Whoa, as in, kick ass." … [Read more...]

You cannot escape.

If you like LookingCloser.org, you should know that I carry on additional conversations with readers and friends in various places online, including... … [Read more...]

If you build it, they will come. But you’re not off the hook. (My thoughts on The Social Network.)

ImageJournal.org has just posted a few of my thoughts on The Social Network, the new film by David Fincher.Here's a bit that didn't end up in the review, probably because it wasn't so much about the movie as it was about defending Facebook from its critics: … [Read more...]

Don’t Be a “Fan” … Be a Friend!

I'm moving... … [Read more...]

Gosh Golly… a Facebook Group!

A fine fellow named Karl Weston Magnuson has gone and started a Through a Screen Darkly Facebook group!Thanks, Karl! Good to meet you! … [Read more...]